Had an awesome day. Until now.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Nov 29, 2011.

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    She did great (for her) all day. She got up asked me to help her wash her hair in the tub, and was ready on time. Had a good day at school, and was pleasant afterschool and talked with me and was smiling and joking. I even went with her to the barn to watch her ride. Wide awake after dinner, and we played Wii for awhile. But, she was snuggling the dog, and starting to fall asleep. Now she is passed out on the couch again, and the fight will begin again. I have decided if she doesn't shower again I don't care. She can smell, and her friends can complain. Plus, I can use this to explain to psychiatrist how bad she is. (it was like psychiatrist didn't believe us.) And she has H.W. again tonight, but it most likely will not be commpleted again. Honestly, I am at the point that I don't care if she does it or not, I just don't want her living here when she flunks out of H.S. I am over it. Maybe, (fingers crossed) she will be compliant tonight. Ha who am I kidding.
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    Have you had her evaluated for any sleep issues? Depressed or not, it sounds like she is REALLY tired. in my humble opinion, I would look in to that. Especially since she is so OUT that you can't wake her. That makes me nervous that something more is going on. Even in my deepest depression, I slept a lot but not that dead to the world sleep.

    I AM glad she had a good day. I know it's hard but you do need to step back and let natural consequences take over once in a while.
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    Ditto TeDo... by 100x.

    Sleep issues just scream off the page. Hard to find the cause, often, but really worth finding...
    Just think about it... sleep deprivation is a well-known form of torture.

    Not getting sufficient quality sleep leads to health problems, behavior issues, and mental health issues like depression.
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    I have a friend whose daughter has narcolepsy. She took her to a neural sleep clinic. If I remember correctly, the psychiatric symptoms are anxiety and depression. If she is sleeping so often and deeply, it is worth investigating.
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    I don't know alot about sleep deprivation or sleep disorders, but when I was struggling with depression my psychiatrist told me that getting the right amount of sleep was very important and lack of sleep can add to depression.
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    For sure, sleep studies are a great idea...my girlfriend found out that after years of her son not sleeping and the whole family then NOT sleeping well... he was having his oxygen go down every night. I think there was someone here who found that too...

    There are so many things with sleep and Janet mentioned narcolepsy.

    In the mean time, keep a journal of every single behavior you notice. It will help the sleep team (if she goes in and is so nervous or something in a new place and can't sleep,they can still help sort through things) and the psychiatrist. to say she just refused homework etc.. at her age you should not be having to be so involved in that... a reminder, checking on line to see if she is being responsible, fine. but to have battles, no way.
    Write down the showers, but as you said, dont say anything to her. The doctor really does look at it.

    By now, even if she has a sleep disorder one thing could be feeding another I bet. I hope you can get it checked out, smile....

    Thinking of you! She had moments of herself again... she is in there....