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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tryingtocope, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. tryingtocope

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    The appointment yesterday with the child psychiatrist went well. My husband went with me which was great. He's been the most hesistant to admit that our son may need some help. Before the appointment he tried to get my difficult child to color and my difficult child was having trouble focusing, got easily frustrated and at times refused to do anything. I think that experience kind of opened his eyes.

    The psychiatrist discussed our experience with him and also talked to him. He thinks that the symptoms seem like ADHD. He also thinks there may be symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Aspergers but that right now we would treat the ADHD.

    Since my son is not in school, the psychiatrist suggested we give him some Benadryl and see if that helps. If that doesn't work then he suggested Adderall. He gave me a prescription to Adderall. He said one of the side effects is loss of appetite. Has anyone had experience with Adderall?

    He said that therapy will also be added as we go. I am concerned about putting difficult child on medication.
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    I was scared about the medications too. But now we're on so many, and been through so many, that person who was afraid of medications is foreign to me now. Anyway...my son tried (1) pill of Adderall and went into psychotic raging for over 12hrs. I was scared to death and wrote here on the board. Posters replied back saying that is a side effect. Some kids get it, and some don't. I don't want to scare you, but you should be aware of it just in case. Others here have had wonderful experience with the drug. So, it can do miraculous things.
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    Each of our difficult children are different & react individually to medications. I hope that the addition of adderall helps your little guy.
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    Quick question...why benedryl? Will it have a special effect on him? I have just never heard of it before....

    I do understand the worry about medications. My guess is most people try to hold off as long as necessary.

    I would like you know your outcome if you decide to try the benedryl.
  5. smallworld

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    Benadryl has a sedative quality. However, in some kids it can have a paradoxical effect and make them more hyperactive. You will not know how your child reacts until you try it.
  6. Janna

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    Bendaryl increased Dylan's hyperactivity. Never sedated him. I'd try once, but if you see increases in activity, cease.

    easy child tried the Adderall recently. Just a baby dose, 5 mg. Seemed to make him a little more aggressive (he's very small, only 42 pounds).

    Just keep your eyes open. I know alot of people that have had very good luck with the Adderall.

  7. oceans

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    Adderal was the first stimulant that we tried. The only way you will know if that one is good for him is to try it. It helped a tiny bit with the focusing at first and then stopped working. It make him have wild mood swings from rebound effect when he came off from it and that was horrible. It also gave him mild tics, and made him unable to eat.. and he lost lots of weight. We tried Concerta next and the side effects were less severe. It is just a roll of the dice as to which one works the best and has the least amount of side effects. They all decrease hunger with the exception of Straterra I believe, because it acts differently.
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    Thanks everyone for sharing your experience with the different medication. I still haven't given my son the Benadryl. I'm nervous. I am also submitting an application to the local Children's Hospital for an evaluation. I guess right now I'm trying to decide whether to follow the psychiatrist's advice or wait until I get an evaluation through the Children's Hospital.

    Have any of you taken your child to a psychiatrist and also had your child evaluated?
  9. smallworld

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    Yes. Both difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 see psychiatrists weekly for medication management and psychotherapy. But they have also had neuropsychological testing to evaluate for ADHD, learning disabilities and psychological functioning. They have had extensive neurological evaluations (MRI, EEG) as well.

    What kind of professional is doing the evaluation at the Children's Hospital?
  10. tryingtocope

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    The evaluation is done in the Develpmental and Behavioral Pediatrics department by a Developmental Pediatrician. I'm not sure who else participates.
  11. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Because you're trying to rule in/out Aspergers, I think that a developmental pediatrician is the right medical professional to see. I would definitely encourage you to go ahead with the evaluation because a psychiatrist is generally not the one to diagnosis Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Psychiatrists are trained to diagnosis mood issues.
  12. Lothlorien

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    I had a similar experience with Benedryl with Missy. Makes her extremely irritable, oversensitive and obnoxious for several days after. This happened on a few occasions. Will never give it to her again. I would try coffee first, but that's just my .02.
  13. Wiped Out

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    I can understand your fear of the medications. I was there too at one point but came to the realization that with my difficult child it was unavoidable. I think it's a great idea to have him evaluated even though you have a diagnosis. Many here have done the same thing. My easy child is on adderall and it is really helping her with her ADD but it didn't work for my difficult child. I think it varies so much from person to person. I hope it helps your difficult child. Hugs.
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    I haven't had experience with these medications but just wanted to wish you good luck when you do try them and let us know how you go..

    Hugs ,

  15. TerryJ2

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    we had been seeing a child psychiatric for about a yr when we finally put difficult child on Adderal. (We had the child psychiatric fax the pediatrician and then had to make an in-person appointment. with-the pediatrician.) We were one of the lucky ones. It took effect immediately--within an hr. easy child daughter said, "Mommy, he sat down at the table and had a conversation with-me for the first time!" :laugh:
    He started on 15 mg and is now on 20. It's working well. Still, he is so very allergic to wheat and dairy and they make him so hyper, that the foods sometimes negate the pills. We are trying to get him off all wheat and dairy, which is extremely difficult, as you can imagine. Our goal is to get him off the Adderal.
    We are working with-the child psychiatric to help with-the rages and it seems to be working. For some reason, when the dr talks to difficult child, difficult child listens, even though he's saying the same things we are. It's the price of an authority figure, for sure. Plus, the dr never gets flustered. :smirk:
    There is a slight rebound effect from the Adderal, but it's not bad, especially considering his behavior a yr ago.

    Yes, it does cause his appetite to wane and he has lost about 6 lbs. He was pudgy with-a cute little boy tummy but at the age of 10 and almost 5 ft tall, the tummy had to go anyway! He's in sports and getting a bit of muscle, so that helps. And we occasionally give him a day off of the medications so he eats like a horse.

    We are having him evaluation for Asperberger's next month. Even if he doesn't have it, I have found great value in the books on it that show the rage cycle. I used to think he snapped for no good reason, but now I can see how it builds up and there is always a warning and a reason. The Explosive Child is excellent, too.

    The advantage to Benadryl is that you probably already have some at home, it's inexpensive, and easily available, and it only lasts a few hrs so if you try it and if the effects are not good, don't worry... things will calm down. I know it's scary but it's a road we all take.

    Good luck and keep asking questions. It's always good to be informed.