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I am not an expert by any means but my son spent about 10 months in one in Florida. For us it was a place he could live that wasnt our house. It was definitely cheaper than any housing option we could have set up for him in NJ. From conversations there were a lot of people who were kicked out for doing drugs. There really wasnt much oversight. My impression is that there are a lot different type of halfway houses out there and we landed in one that wasnt that great. I am sorry that I am not that much help. While we werent that impressed I think overall it was better than a housing option than one that didn't have a bent of trying to keep people sober.


Of course your son thinks that..it's addict babysitting.

There are good solid ones...there are seedy ones..a d there are high e d ones. Key....the owner and staff are sober and backed by perhaps a rehab center. Our son had no car, and they got him to mtgs, work and outpatient .

Yes, gave us time to regroup a d see where he was headed. Before allowing him home.


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We call them sober houses here and most are very good, we are lucky. Of course there are some that do not supervise or provide enough services, but for the most part the good ones are well known. The one our daughter was in was excellent, in an old convent of a church on the same property. I believe it saved our daughter's life. It was recommended by the treatment center she was in and we did a lot of research before we agreed to it. Our community is very supportive of our sober houses, we want them to succeed. Family members help support the sober houses and the community offers volunteer positions and work opportunities and life skills for living drug free.

Of course there are some residents that will relapse and go back to using drugs in the halfway house, but the good ones will kick them out immediately.


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We had great luck with some of them in Florida when my son was there. Owned/run by a lot of very caring people; of course former addicts themselves so they get it.

You just need to do your research.


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My daughter has been in three 3/4 houses and a halfway house. The halfway house was very strict, very structured. She actually got kicked out, not for using, but for fraternizing with a man from another halfway house. The 3/4 houses are much looser and, yes, people use and get kicked out frequently. Some good ones are more on top of things. They have a live in manager and social events, house meetings and occasionally educational programs.


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Like @mof said, some are good and some are bad. I work in corrections and, while I've never personally been to any of them, have heard enough from the staff members at the houses and from offenders to know that its all about staff commitment and funding. A good staff with well funded programs will run a tight ship. A good staff losing funding will start slipping. You get the idea. Since this is in the Substance Abuse forum, I'm assuming that your son deals with some form of addiction. That being said, an active addict lies. They will tell you anything to try and get what they want so my advice would be to investigate them in person for yourself and until proven otherwise, take what he says about them with a grain of salt.