Halloween funny moments

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Tonight I had an 8 year old "Ninja" come to the door trick or treating. As I was putting candy into his bag, he asked, "Do you have a husband?"

I replied, "Why? Are you looking for a wife?"

He had no reply!!!

Made my evening!


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Well, Halloween was even busier than usual! I think it was because of the mild weather. Most years the kids have to wear coats over their costumes, and this year they didn't! I ran out of candy early, and wished I had bought one more bag, but I did have fun.

Hubby took daughter out to do some trick or treating, and they returned just as I ran out of candy, so not bad timing.


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A cute little girl sang "Trick or Treat Smell my Feet" when I opened the door. I haven't heard that one in a while so had to laugh!


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We had a lot of kids, relatively speaking, this year. We live on a little circle drive, so while it's near the schools, it's kind of out of the way, so we don't get a lot. But this year we had about twice the norm. They're all so cute. We had some that were a little old for it, honestly. But they were dressed up so whatever.

We had one dad come with teenage sons. Dad was getting candy too! I figured whatever. He deserves some for running the boys around. One boy was in a full gorilla suit. One was in something I didn't recognize, but Jabber said was a GI Joe badguy, and Dad was in a ghillie suit. I'll post a picture so you'll know what I mean. Those suits are meant for serious camo and they pick up everything! He had so many leaves around his ankles it was starting to look like a fish tail. lol

All in all, it was a nice Halloween.


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We don't get any trick or treaters in our complex. We did Chipotles for Booritos and when we got home I put some candy in a little bag and we did reverse trick or treating by taking it to the little boy next door. He had taken off his costume but not his makeup, and he insisted we wait while he showed up every part of his costume, lol! Mostly we took it easy but had fun.

This morning I took thank you to school so husband could go to early Mass, and then I went to the store and bought half off candy! I usually do this. years ago I promised the kids each the candy of their choice the day after Halloween if they didn't make me take them to this big event at our fairgrounds that is hot and loud. It turned out to be great for all of us, so I still do it.


It is always fun...ton of kids, first year I had none go.

We enjoy seeing costumes, and of course watching the kids play in the fog of our fog machine.

One costume was concerning, a young boy had baggie pants, a white oversized t shirt. And a play gun shoved in pants in front, and a bandana on head. Before I thought about it, I asked if he was a Thug....he laughed and said, hell yeah!

Umm..sure that Mom was proud...


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We gave a piece of candy and a Halloween pencil to each trick or treater. One toddler took the pencil and put it on the floor inside our door and walked away. He justed wanted the candy, heck with the pencil!