Hang on to your hats - fantabulous news


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Board jinx be darned!! My beloved son has made phase 3, which translates to (deep breath) he is now going to be allowed to go out into the community on his *own*, no supervision, in gradually increasing increments. :bravo: :smile: :bravo:

I expect my own anxiety attack to hit any minute now, LOL, but... oh my gosh, is this not the most age-appropriate thing thank you has ever done????? He had to campaign for this, meet levels on unit, get his act together at school, get signatures, etc., etc. And he did it. My son set a goal, did what he was supposed to do, and now is reaping the rewards. That's the second time in a year. :faint: Who is this kid and what have they done with my son????

We had a wonderful home visit last weekend - that underlying coiled-spring/anxiety/engine revving just under the surface thing was completely and totally absent. Don't know why, don't care. He did tell me he was *teaching* some classes in math at school. Math? You mean the class that has been triggering you for the last 10 years? You mean the subject that you have fought tooth and nail for*ever*?? Ummm, Ok thank you, forgive my skepticism, but I want to see it in writing. They read it to me today in the staffing. :bow:

I'm excited for where he is today. He may crash tomorrow, especially with- all the praise heaped on him at staffing today (though I did re-emphasize to him that what *we* think means diddly, he needs to remember and focus on how his quality of life has improved so dramatically because of *his* choices) but for today I'm darn near giddy for my boy's progress.

Egads.... it's been a heckuva road, you know? Maybe, just maybe, he's going to be okay.

Next up - transition to group home, hopefully this summer.

YEAH thank you!!!! :bravo:


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Oh wow! This is huge.

thank you is holding it together in school? Wowzers!!!!!

I am so absolutely thrilled for him Sue. Where is he gonna go first? LOL. What are his plans? I bet he has a million of them.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Sounds like great progress! Thanks for sharing....</span>

:bravo: :kisses: :thumb:


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Wow, very very very happy for you. :thumb: Seems he's figuring out only he can do for himself to get what he wants. And teaching? :shocked: wow if only my difficult child would get to that point about school LOL.

:bravo: to thank you, and hopefully he can continue on this path to the next level.


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:bravo: That's AWESOME!!! :bravo: Way To Go, thank you! What a huge accomplishment!!! It warms my heart to read this!!!! Congratulations!


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I love all your happy emoticons. I swear if they had one that jumped for joy while doing somersaults...you would have utilized it and rightfully so! yay!


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:bravo: Wonderful news Slsh. I always figured every experience they have that is like their peers is one step closer to mainstreaming. It has been a long haul. Good for him.
Enjoy every second. You deserve to that's for sure. :warrior:
Thanks for sharing such wonderful news!!! I LOVE hearing great things about our difficult children!!! Way To Go thank you :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:!!!

It's time for a bit of a celebration :smile:... I'm doing the happy dance :princess: too... WFEN


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YEAH thank you :bravo: for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No board jinxes allowed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is great news - he (and you guys) have traveled a long road - it's nice to see he has made this great stop along the way :smile:



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WOW :smile: WOW :surprise: <span style='font-size: 26pt'>WOW!!!</span> :bravo: :smile: :princess:

:smile:Sue :bow:

:kisses: I think I'm speechless! :faint:


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<span style="color: #993399">What fantastic news!!!!!!! Another one here doing the happy dance :princess: :princess:I couldn't be happier for thank you and for you!! :bravo:</span>


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Praise God Sue!!

This has been such a long hard road....
H O O R A Y for thank you!!!

You my Dear are a saint!

And Thank God for progress!!!

Prayers and celebrations!!!

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<span style='font-size: 26pt'>Wow!!! </span> :smile:

OMG! I'm doing the happy dance for you and thank you both. :princess: This is fabulous news indeed. Teaching the subject that once was his trigger is amazing. Working thru each step to achieve his goal is awesome. No wonder you're proud enough to pop buttons.

Way to go thank you!!! :bravo: :smile: :thumb: :smile: