Happy Independence Day!

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    I don't know about any of you, but I am so going to relish my next four days off! While I reflect today on our freedom as a country, I will also be thankful that I'm off work! The last two and half weeks have been so intense -- 10 and 11.5 hour days, bringing work home....was actually emailing some of my books to the accountant at 9:45 last Saturday night!

    I've family coming in town today and easy child and difficult child have been so great pitching in and getting everything ready for company while I've been working. Just yard decorations and some side salads to make this morning.

    Speaking of difficult child, he started working under our maintenance supervisor three weeks ago and loves it (his eyes popped out of his head when he got his first check)! He used to work weekends as a bar back, runner, and buser at our venue but really didn't enjoy it. He now works 25-30 hours a week and it is labor intense. Had his first experience with an eviction this week and came in with an armload of treasure that the tenants had left behind (can you say junk?!). He is exhausted but really happy and loves the painting the best! Who knew my difficult child would love hard work? It might kinda play to his whole adhd/social issues as he doesn't have to deal with the public and is jumping from painting, to plumbing, to cleaning, to hauling, etc., every day.

    But, I am going to relish the next four days! I hope my fellow Americans enjoy the day and find some time to relax.

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    Happy 4th LDM and all who follow!:proudamerican:

    Sharon-It's great difficult child loves doing the hard work; I bet he loved that first paycheck! I'm glad you have a long weekend ahead-you deserve it!

    It's just difficult child and me today as easy child/difficult child and husband are in Michigan. sister in law is having a pool party and a big picnic. difficult child and I are laying low. We will watch some "Twilight Zones" and just hang out. I'm unable to drive due to my should surgery so we will have to have fun around here. (The reason we're not in MI is difficult child has to work tomorrow-I will need to drive him there, thankfully it is only a mile).

    Hope all enjoy their day!
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    Happy Independence Day everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Sharon-LDM, I'm glad to hear that difficult child is enjoying his new job. I think you're right that the hard physical work and the variety do help with difficult child's ADHD and social issues. My first job (that I got myself, rather than having family arrange for it) was as a house painter. I loved the physically demanding work too.

    Sharon-WO, a low-key long weekend sounds delightful. Perhaps you'll have an opportunity to rest and let your shoulder do some proper healing, since you don't have too much running around or socializing to do. A weekend just with you and difficult child sounds like lots of fun. I love it when I get one-on-one time with just one of the Monsterz. Take it easy on that drive. Even if it's only a mile, you don't want to do anything to set back your healing.

    Today is just a regular day for those of us here in the GWN (Great White North). Our big holiday, Canada Day, was on Monday so that was our long weekend. We spent it just hacking around in the back yard. husband loaded all of the small children into the car and took them out for a few hours to give me the house to myself. A rare and delightful luxury.

    Have fun everyone!