Happy & nervous all at the same time

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tiredmommy, Jul 29, 2010.

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    So... Duckie is going to Girl Scout day camp this week. She loves it there... frogs, crafts, kids everywhere. It's really just her thing, Know what I mean?? The week started off a little rough because she knew no one in her unit and she was pretty anxious when I dropped her off Monday morning. She muddled through the morning when another girl realized she & Duckie were in the same unit two years ago. Duckie had thought she recognized the other girl but hadn't been sure. It turns out this girl, S, is the same girl that the counselors had been surprised to find talking to Duckie two years ago because she suffers from selective mutism. Duckie was the first kid that S had spoken to since starting camp a few weeks before hand. So Duckie, S and two other girls have been hanging tight since Monday at lunch.

    So Thursday is a big day at camp. They have a cook-out for lunch and put on a tour and program for the parents in the evening. They also allow the girls that are 9 years and older to stay overnight (in screened cabins). Duckie has been going back & forth about this for months. Literally. Duckie decided, since she made friends, to stay.

    The parents toured the unit where the girls had cleaned up the cabins and prepped for tonight. She was so proud of herself! Then we went back to the lodge to watch the program... she had a big part in their skit and did a great job.

    So the parents left and she'll do the overnight program: a night hike where they'll see the skyline of a nearby large city (30+ miles), have a bonfire and eat pizza. Yes... pizza. No s'mores because the girls voted for pizza! Go figure!!!

    So I'm a little nervous tonight because my beautiful 9 year old daughter is sleeping in the woods with other little girls she doesn't know so well, supervised by adults I don't know at all. Plus, there are billions of mosquito's and spiders and creepy crawlers I don't want to think about ready to bite her and give her a massive allergic reaction. But I'm proud that she seized the opportunity to be a regular kid tonight too.

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    Hoping Duckie has a most wonderful time!
  3. Fran

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    I understand the fear of allergic reactions. I would be too. Mingle that with normal parental fear and it does make for a doozy of a night for you. Hopefully you got some sleep.
    You are doing a good thing in allowing her to follow her instincts when she makes reasonable choices.
    I was vigilant in where my boys were and who was with them but I kept it to myself and my husband. I sort of was one of those mom's who was observing from a distance. LOL. Peeking in to make sure they were ok even if they didn't know I was doing that. On the surface, I was always telling them to go out and try what they wanted to do but I was always on pins and needles until I knew they were safe. They are pretty confident in going out into the world. Even difficult child does a grand job of driving out of state, making plane reservations, going to restaurants and using a tip calculator. All of that doesn't come naturally unless they have been given a chance to grow their own self confidence.
    It starts with one night at camp with a worried mom at home.
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    Very good! I'm so glad she is doing this.
    I am sure the counselors will keep an eye on her and any potential allergic reactions. Try to get some sleep.
  5. totoro

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    You know- over the years from reading it sounds like you have given Ducky so many tools to help her in these situations that I think she will be one of the girls who handles a night away from MOM the best. LOL
    Despite being a difficult child she is a good kid. We ALL know she is smart! I haven't gotten to this point to be able to do this with K yet but I would be on pins and needles as well!
    You should be proud and excited for her and yourself!!!
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    How did it go? Did Duckie have fun?
  7. tiredmommy

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    Thank you everyone. :)

    Duckie had a blast... can't wait until next year and wants to train to be a program aide as soon as she's eligible (entering 7th grade). She was very tired, though and needed her inhaler around 10 this morning because of the high pollen count and camp fire. She even did well this evening when she went rollerskating with friends.

    I'm really proud of her, and very tired tonight.
  8. ML

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    YEAH Ms. Duckie! I'm so proud of her and you too mom. Also, it makes me feel a bit relieved BECAUSE in a few weeks manster and his 6th grade class go on their "outdoor lab". They go to cabins in the mountains and spend the night M-F. They do stuff like archery and studying the environment. Very "hands on/experiential type learning" I know this will be good for him but I'm worried. Hoping they make sure to give the medications at the right time, etc. This is going to be a huge transition for him and I kind of see it as the proverbial bridge to another chapter. He needs to build his confidence and know that he can manage on "his own". Duckie's success gives me encouragement!
  9. Farmwife

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    I am so happy for you and Duckie!! It really is such an exciting time to see them take those steps forward. It's also great that it was such a good experience for her that she wants more. Maybe over time you can use those times away to go have some of your own fun, maybe manicures instead of nail biting. : )
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    WOO HOO! Way To Go, Duckie!
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    I'm glad it was such a successful overnight!!:)
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    All of this brings back so many memories.

    I remember when Cory was 6 and a cloverbud in 4H. They had sleepaway camp for 3 days and 2 nights. I dont think the adults could have handled him any longer...lol.