Happy news about my niece


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I posted about her some time ago ... yrs ago, actually.
She is 28 now, and engaged.
Her fiancée is also a former user.
They are excellent supports for one another.
He's divorced with-2 kids. He has two houses, right next door to one another.
She's got her own coffee shop and also sells things online.
He has a junk shop/thrift shop two doors down. (Interesting items--a real giraffe neck and head that goes to the ceiling, 1920s and 1930s books, and vintage clothing, which he rented out for a local theater last fall.)
The wedding is the first week of Sept.
And now ... her little brother is the troubled one. (IOW, my nephew) He is bipolar and has Crohn's Disease. He rarely sleeps. He is angry and often psychotic. He lives with-a friend in an apartment at a univ campus. I have no idea why he hasn't been kicked out of school yet. He was the perfect one ... until the Crohn's got so bad, he started self-medicating. He eats poorly, too.
Meanwhile, his dad (my b-I-l) is also bipolar and has been spiraling down. In total denial. So sad.
My sister is at her wit's end. But at least, her daughter has turned around.