Happy Thanksgiving to all our SA members!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Kathy813

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    I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

    We just got home from dinner with our friends and it went well. difficult child was appropriate, polite, and participated in the conversation at the dinner table. easy child, husband, and I were all greatly relieved.

    There was one little mishap though . . .difficult child had made a chocolate mousse cheesecake that was delicious. There was about half of it left so we brought it home and difficult child planned to take it to work on Saturday. I had it sitting on my lap when husband made a sharp turn into our neighborhood and . . . you guessed it . . . it ended up flying out of my lap and crashing into the door. The mousse topping ended up in the side pocket of the door and the cheesecake ended upside down.

    So much for left over dessert. LOL

    I will gladly trade that for a bad holiday with a difficult child. Let us know how your day went.


  2. toughlovin

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    We had a nice day. First time in years since I have done the cooking on thanksgiving as we usually go to my in-laws but they are away this year. So we had some friends over and so it was just 5 of us. I enjoyed my day cooking, went for a walk this morning with my neighbor and it was just very low key. Good all around. I was kind of hoping my difficult child would call but he hasnt and I kind of dont expect him too, given that he doesnt have a phone. I am hoping he got a Thanksgiving meal somewhere... probably at a homeless shelter!! But I am ok with that. And I am thankful he is alive and at least in touch once in a while.

  3. Nancy

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    It was touch and go for a while. easy child is very upset because she foudn out via facebook that her ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend and that sent her into a tailspin and she has been miserable to live with. It doesn't help thst her birthday is Saturday and of course she doesn't want to celebrate it.

    difficult child got drunk last ngiht and at least called a cab home but she isn't paying her rent or utilities and she is on all days this week which tells me somethingis up at work. She obviously spend all her tips on alcohol. The big news is the roommate never showed thank goodness. When I texted his this morning I asked if he was still planning on coming and she said she didn't think so because he wasn't even home.

    It was a quiet dinner with just the four of us but at least no major arguments. easy child and difficult child both brought their dogs so we had a housefull of animals. I'm glad it's over.
  4. AmericanGirl

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    I am VERY thankful for all of you!!!
  5. Calamity Jane

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    We just had 17 adults altogether for lunch and dinner; they just left! I'm exhausted - the soles of my feet are burning and my knees are killing me. It took a whole week to clean, shop and cook, and about 10 minutes to scarf down all the food. It was a lot of fun though, and things went great, we had a lot of laughs. Unfortunately, husband's family are all NY Jets fans, and they're getting killed by the Patriots now, so husband's family just left very disappointed. Full... but disappointed nevertheless.