Has Anyone Watched "Juvie"????????


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My easy child/difficult child told me today that there is a new program called
"Juvie" that he thinks I would find interesting as a child
advocate. I didn't tell him I'm SICK of advocating..lol..as
it didn't seem appropriate. :rofl:

Has anyone watched it yet? He tells me that it follows
troubled kids in the system. Chances are I will watch but
not if it comes on at bedtime as it will bring nightmares!


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I watched it on MTV. There's only been one episode. It was about two kids.
The first one was a 17 yr old African-American boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up in a auto theft. He was a good kid and his buddies let him take the fall for it.
The second was a young girl-difficult child, not sure what her initial intake was. She didn't get out and had to stay at the facility and finish the program. Her Mom told the court she couldn't handle her, and the difficult child blamed everything on the Mom.
It was an okay show. I would watch it again to see the next story.

Sue C

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Melissa watched the episode with the girl. I caught much of it. The girl was a runaway about 15 years old. I was so proud of the mom for sitting there before the judge saying she would not take the daughter back home. The girl had ran away numerous times plus the mom said she was disrespectful and swore at her all the time and that she didn't think she could handle her. The girl fell apart. The judge told her she'd be going to a group home or foster care.

I don't know how other juvie jails are, but these kids are shackled and there is barbed wire around the place. Melissa said "oh jail is not really like that." Oh really????????????????



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I taped it but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Depending on what I think about the show I may have difficult child watch it with me.