Have a Few Questions about SSI?

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    Hi all it has been a while since I have been around...well here I go again with more questions..lol

    difficult child 1 is on social security survivors benefits.

    Now the first question is will I be able to apply to get difficult child 2 SSI benefits? If so then would the income from difficult child 1's benefits effect the amount for difficult child 2 benefits?

    Second, difficult child 1 is going to be 17 in a few weeks...I haven't done anything about him getting ssi because he has gotten the survivors benefits from when his Father died...but that will all change one he is 18.5 y/o because those benefits will stop...can he then go down to apply for SSI benefits? Or should I go ahead and do that now?

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  2. Ok, I will tell you the little bit I know. Both my kids receive survivors benefits as well.

    I have applied for SSI for difficult child and he was declared disabled, but does not get any funds because we make too much. They do not count the other siblings income from the survivors benefits when they calculate the SSI, they only count any income from you and the income that the child receives on survivors benefit.

    In my opinion it couldn't hurt to apply for SSI. I was told by Social Security that when difficult child turns 18 then he will have to reapply for benefits as an adult, in the mean time they will review it to determine if he is still disabled every few years.

    I don't know the circumstances of your children illnesses, but in my situation, my difficult child has had numerous hospitalizations over the course of 1 year so that helped on our part. On the other hand, I have not applied for SSI for his sister yet, even though she is diagnosed as rapid-cycle bipolar, she has never been hospitalized as of yet.

    As far as your difficult child 1, you could apply now, but like I said, I was told that my son would have to reapply when he turned 18.
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    I am out of work right now and can use the money if I can get my hands on it, Know what I mean?? difficult child 1 gets survivor benefits but there is nothing else coming in. So I think I am going to give it a try for both of them and see what happens.
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    survivors bens....if you add more kids they divide the total between all the kids. is there a reason one of your kids is not already getting surv bens? u can apply for your own disability & see what happens.
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    My first husband passed away so the youngest one is from my second marriage. I want to apply for disability for both of the kids but mostly Jacob since he doesn't get anything....I may end up doing it for myself but I would like to find another job if I can if not then I will be there too.
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    if you worked & had worked enough quarters & paid in.....you can get ssdi of your own irregardless of current income but you do have to be found formally disabled unable to do 'gainful employment'