have my easy child/difficult child plan from therapist......

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    met with easy child's therapist today, we talked for a while 45 min session i took easy child's since she wouldnt' go and didn't show up at home again.

    therapist agrees easy child's anger is out of control as is her anger. she said when she was on the ssri she was so different, able to talk about junk that bothers her able to work it thru. now it's become a free for all at home your all getting affected.

    so long story short she said easy child has alot shes' internalized thru the years and never dealt with, she said not knowing bio dad's a piece of it, difficult child and the stress of that is also a piece of it. she said alot of times ppl blow anger is huge because of past junk they didnt' work thru. she said she has no diagnosis, or biochemical inbalance like difficult child has.

    she has alot of junk, and she hasnt' handled it yet now she's taken it too far. so you have to be prepared. i ran my plan past her. she said jen there is no alternative at this point.

    so i have to sit down with easy child write down 5 things i need her to adhere to here at home, tell her we love her and want her to be a part of our family yet if she can't adhere to these things she's making the choice to leave.

    i told therapist i'm predicting her response will be anger, cursing me out telling me she's giong. so than i have to give her a date for her things to be removed from our home.

    so, i'm going to have the talk tonight if she shows up, before i lose my edge. than give her a date if she blows as i'm predicting than carry out with it.

    therapist said it's sad to say and i have no clue how your coping with this, yet she may have to hit rock bottom before she cleans up her past junk.

    my list is going to be

    -have to attend high school rest of it, each class.
    - have to attend weekly therapy and take ssri.
    - have to be respectful at home to me and family
    -have to do weekly chores here
    - have to come home at curfew or contact me.

    wish me luck. therapist said she's unraveling the entire home for mos now or even years. making difficult child worse, affecting your health, your husband and you the other kids. it's taking a toll on everyone and it isnt fair your right and now ti's time to draw the lines in the sand put moving out on her.
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    Jen, when does she turn 18?
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    I am so happy that you had the opportunity to spend time with the therapist. Really glad. Now you have the verification of your experiences with her and should feel more confident. It's not going to be easy but at least you won't be second guessing yourself. Good luck. DDD
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    step on may 8th she'll be 18. yet she said your covered with school staff had a long talk with dean and also guidance counselor they know my plan, while in a 504 mtg. for difficult child.... oh man it just doesnt' stop this year :)

    ddd i do feel a bit more confident in my decision i just needed to run it past her, stupid i know i just want to make sure i'm doing the right thing for her and all of us.

    your right it won't be easy. yet what has this past year been easy, right? they say most things worthwhile in life aren't. she said easy child's officially out of control this may be the ticket.i gotta start working on me again though i've dropped the ball, anxiety's high i'm really stressing out. heading to horses tomorrow to ride husband is watching kids. i'm calm on the outside yet totally jumpy on the inside if that makes sense.???

    i'm emotionally exhausted from these kids. i dont' even cry anymore i try yet the tears dont' come like they used to lol wonder if that's a bad sign :)