Having a bad day


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I haven't posted here for awhile as things have not been going so well and I really didn't want to bring everybody down.

Three weeks ago I went to my nanny job on Monday and found out that the mom had put in her two week notice: she decided her job was too stressful (this is the second time she quit a job) and she is going to quit working and stay home full time with her kids. So I also had 2 weeks notice. The dad was not happy about his wife's decision but that is neither here nor there. Supposedly he is going to pay me for last week also as I had scheduled vacation time. So I've been job hunting and you know how that goes. Found the perfect job and I had the education and the experience and it was at the nursery/preschool where I go to church but they didn't even call me for an interview. Thought I had a nanny job lined up right in my neighborhood but after all was (I thought) decided, the woman decided that she wanted to pay me 1/3 less than I'm getting now. So I told her no. Have another family that has promised to call me for an interview but I'm sure I won't hear anything today as it is a holiday and probably not till after the weekend. Waiting is nerve wracking. I am OK financially till August 1 (as long as I don't splurge and buy something stupid like food or gas for my car) so I have awhile but it is still a worry. I can probably even make it a little longer than that but it is a worry.

My family usually did not do a big celebration for July 4 but I did always have the kids and grandkids for a BBQ and make some red, white and blue food (poke cake, white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue sugar, etc.). This year I am alone. Kids can't come - no money and their car is broken and I sure can't afford to go there. Just spent time with one friend so she won't want to come today. Another friend just retired and moved back here but they are having a big family reunion so won't see her till next week.

So I'm sitting here having a pity party. I know I should be thankful that everybody in my family is safe and well and I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge and my bills paid for the rest of the month but I am having a hard time trying not to be depressed.

If you'd like to send some positive thoughts my way along with all of the exploding fireworks, that would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I'm sorry you're having a bad day, I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way and thinking that something out of the blue, totally perfect, WAY better then you could possibly imagine is on its way to you right now..............you had to clear the decks to be open for it...........


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I'm sending positive vibes and thoughts your way. Hopefully the perfect job is just around the corner.


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MM, can you get on with a temp agency until you can find a full time nanny job? I would think good people to nanny would be in great demand so you will eventually get something!

Can you work social media to spread the word that you are available? Facebook and Twitter (Twitter goes "out there" to the universe so your message has a broader reach than just FB).

Just a thought. I hope you find something soon. I know money worries can be continually stressful. Warm hugs.


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I had to laugh at your signature:
"let me be the kind of person my dogs think I am"
That's so funny.
What kind of person would your dogs think you were? Dogs don't really understand bad days do they.
My cats know when I'm miserable, but they think that sitting on top of me and purring loudly will stop any miserable thoughts like magic. It often works.
I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Things often change when you least expect it and opportunities arrive to turn things around.


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Thanks, everybody. I have a friend who rescued me from the ennui of the weekend so that helped; I had something else to think about.

I am on Care.com and NanniesRUs .com. I do have an interview supposedly coming up this week so I'm hoping there will be good news!

LucyJ - You ask what kind o person my dogs think I am - they think I'm kind and loving and perfect. Don't think I can live up to their opinions. ;)


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Do you live close to the military bases there? If so a lot of the upper ranking people hire nannies. Look into putting an add in their papers.

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