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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Helpless29, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Went to court with my son , his dad, & stepmom. Charges were aggravated battery/battery charges for a fight at school & pushing a teacher . Acourse my son to be difficult plead not guilty so now they will need to go to trial . The judge put him on house arrest & they put on his ankle bracelet, he was ordered to go to anger management counseling. We left courthouse , my son insisted to go his grandparents house , his dads parents, we told him no ,He knew this because the judge told him the rules only school & counseling that’s it,He jumped out of the car & tried breaking passenger window , then he jumped on hood of car & started jumping on the glass & broke the front window, then took off. He now has a warrant for his arrest & is on the run with the ankle bracelet, I’m sure till he figures out how to get it off.
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    Oh Helpless29 -wow that's a lot of drama in one day. Maybe this will get him detained and he can sit a little with his actions. At least you'll know where he is and he'll be drug free. I'd imagine they'll be able to tell where he is with the monitor pretty quickly- my son has one and it doesn't seem super easy to take off to me.

    I hope they find him soon..stay strong momma....
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    Wow- he really brought the drama. I'm sorry you are going through this. Hopefully he will get the help he needs and be able to accept it. Be kind to yourself. I'm sure you are worried sick.
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    I am sorry for the rough day. If he is going to be that destructive i would tell the court he can't stay with you. Grandparents arent safe either. He needs a wakeup call.
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    Mentally exhausted, but I dont show it at home or talk about it, I have my 2 little boys & will not expose them to it,but what I really want to do is lay down & cry :( I know there’s is a lot more to come & I just don’t know how much more I can take emotionally. I know he needs to go to Juvenile Dentation center , he needs a hard wake up call.
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  6. Helpless29

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    I would not allow him to stay here ,and yes he would put me & my kids in danger . Dad has legal custody so thats where he’s suppose to be .We are hoping courts lock him up & requested they send him to Juvenile detention center when he gets caught.
  7. Elsi

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    Helpless I’m so sorry. This is a lot to process and deal with. I hope that in the end this episode will lead to a wake up call and some help for him. Stay strong. We are with you.
  8. BloodiedButUnbowed

    BloodiedButUnbowed Active Member

    I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I remember your story from long ago.

    Your son needs help and it seems that he needs to learn the hard way, as so many do.

    Praying for you and your family. Keep us updated.
  9. RN0441

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    I"m so sorry for your drama. Mine was with youngest son so I feel for those that have little ones that they are trying to protect.

    Let him suffer the consequences of his actions. That is the right thing to do.

    You will all get through this. We did.

    Hugs for you.