He got in a "fight"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Feb 14, 2013.

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    difficult child 1 came home from school Tuesday saying someone attacked him at the after school program. He had a big smile on his face and told me how he was put into a headlock but he bit the guys arm. Then the other guy pulled his head back by the hair and difficult child 1 hit him with a book. After some prodding difficult child 1 told us there were 3 boys, all laughing, tossing around a backpack. He got them to toss the bag to him. Then he tossed it to someone not playing the game. difficult child 1 said that's when the boy who owned the bag attacked him.

    I told him he wasn't going back until I called the program director. When I called her was the first she had heard of it. She had left in the middle, but there were 7 other adults there and it was a small class room. She is going to e-mail the teachers, but it'll take time to get them to respond. I haven't heard back yet. They have different classes everyday so these teachers are only there once a week.

    I'm thinking maybe the fight isn't real. Also he was telling me about a daydream he had where a gunman was going to hurt his sisters and difficult child 1 shot his face off over and over again.

    I'm worried he is fantasizing about violence and can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Last year he thought he was getting away with attacking kids on the playground, but he wasn't hurting anyone. At least not for a week of thinking like this. He did hurt a kid after thinking he hadn't gotten a consequence for 'all the other times' he had hurt them.

    him getting in a real fight would be easier to deal with. I think.
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    I agree the loss of the line between reality and delusion is scarier than a real fight. Has he had a medication adjustment recently?
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    or a growth spurt?
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    It was a real fight! Yea! I am so weird to be so happy about this. An adult saw it but just didn't report it. (Yeah, he got a bit in trouble for not reporting.)

    Consequence will be that he can only go on Thursdays until the director feels different. He is used to going everyday, so I hope this will emphasize that he has to behave better their.
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    He has had both a medication adjustment and lots of growth lately.
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    In this case I can understand being relieved it was a fight! Sending hugs your way.