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    :bravo:difficult child 2 got a part in the community play!!! He was in it for three years but didn't get a part last year. This year's play only has about 10 characters and he is now one of them!!!! They only wanted adults and older teens for this play but because he's so darned tall for his age and his voice has already changed, he gave it a shot and got in. I am so proud of my little "Cary Grant".
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    He was SOOOO cute when he found out.....we were on the shuttle leaving the zoo........he got a text and said, I'm X and I have no idea who that is, but I got it! LOL....we may need to make a long trip for opening night.....

    Such fun. Plays and the theater for the deaf I was in all through school were my best memories of childhood! I hope he has a great time.
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    :bravo: Congratulations difficult child 2!
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