he is at psychiatric hospital

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    Just wanted to thank u all for your support. I know now I chose the right person to go with me, without G it would not have gone as well as it did. There were moments when husband put up a bit of a fuss, but we really had more good moments than bad. We had some really good conversations and at times he really seemed to know he has to change. I hope that continues. We will see. He has always h ated the groups at psychiatric hospital, so u could have knocked me over with a feather when he said good. The groups here are so better th an the rehab place. He even called me to tell me about a group he had gone to later and how good it was!

    P, the treatment facility he would go to is nearby, in the town 30 min north of me and east of u. It sounds really great, and is a dual diagnosis facility that specializes in cchronic pain. I have spoken with the intake coordinator and insurance person several times and they are great. husband seems to think at times that after a few weeks in psychiatric hospital he should b able to come home. I told him that is between him and psychiatrist. I have done all I can, and the rest is up to husband and psychiatrist. Both husband and I trust psychiatrist. If he is ready to do outpatient then fine (which I doubt psychiatrist will agree too) but if not then he needs to go to the treatment center.

    I am still kinda a mess. Woke up as my phone made a noise and then I had an anxiety attattack. I do not have to work tommorrow, and I am going to sit around the house like a lump for most of the day.

    The klonopin has kicked in and now I am tired. Off to sleep again,
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    get some well deserved rest - you have earned it.
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    *HUGS* hon. I agree with Susie, get you some good recharge time.
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    I'm glad he agreed to go. Now you have to take care of you. Like the others said, get some rest.

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    Take a bubble bath and do something nice for yourself today!
  6. DDD

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    It's sounding good. I think most of us have to crash after we have sustained ourselves during extended stress. I've slept for 24 hours following major traumatic events. Sleep, chill, eat, sleep again. That's surely what you need to do. Hugs. DDD
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    CM--glad he is not far away. That will make it easier to visit to the extent that you want to. glad it went well. Hope they can get him on a better medication cocktail.
    You are probably having a reaction not totally unlike what you would have if say you were in a car crash. You are great through the event, then once it is all over and done with, you fall apart. Sounds like a good time to rent some videos distract yourself and sleep. Hope your kids are doing ok.

    You are a tower of strength. I'll be in touch! I'm not much fun right now.
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    We need an icon for Warrior Wife!!! Much hugss and support.
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    That's great news! Enjoy your day of rest -- you've earned it for sure!
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    Both kids deal differently. difficult child does well during the crisis, and falls apart when things get better. Right now, he is a handful. easy child, is a bear in the middle of everything but when things settle she gets really supportive and helpful. She could not sleep last night so she cleaned the entire kitchen, which trust me, was a disaster. I am planning overnights for both kids on Saturday, so they get to go have fun and I get more down time. At this point things are in husband's hands. I need to stay out of it, and let psychiatric hospital and psychiatrist do their job, which is hard for me at times as I do not know what is going on, but I know really all I need to. He is safe, and cannot overdose again at the moment. I trust psychiatrist, he is truly amazing. He will call me if there is anything I need to know, and I expect the social worker that is assigned to husband to be calling soon. At least they have done that the last 2 times he was in there.
  11. Nancy

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    I am so glad he is safe and getting help. You can finally sleep peacefully. One of the first things familys said about their family member being in rehab was that they finally got a good night's sleep. I'm glad the kids will get to have a sleepover this weekend and a chance to be kids again.

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    I'm so glad that husband is in a good facility & YOU can step back a bit. Regroup, relax & reflect.

    It's good that the kids are getting out to have fun ~ it's so needed at times like this. Take care now & rest.
  13. barneysmom

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    CM, thinking of you and your family. I like your excellent plans for the overnights for the kids, and the reasons for them.

    I hope you can carry out your plans to leave this in husband's hands (speaking from experience about letting go). That's going to take a lot of strength, so rest up!

    You make feel like a wreck but I think you are inspiring. When I see courage in another person, it helps me to be more courageous. Thank you.

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    VERY good!
    What a relief. What is that expression, "The teacher will appear when the student is ready." Or something.