He is so at it


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What I hear in this weeks so opera comes from his mouth, his wifes, my neice that is almost as bad as difficult child in the lying dept.

My sister and I both agree that these kids are all so bored, adn enjoy living on the edge and in an uproar, dont you all agree.

This week, I have heard that he is working from him, adn not working from others. He says all this stuff about his cousin, adn she repeats the same stuff to my sis as ig difficult child is living it.

He has been living in the town that he left after he and his ex fiance were in trouble with children service. Doesnt know how to keep his nose clean, because now his wife had bought him a beebee gun, she disengages it not knowing it is loaded it boomarangs off and air condition, hitting a window glass. Then he has checks that the police came after him I beleive for fraud, adn he denies that it is his handwriting and the police and the bank beleives him? He supposedly stole money from his ex uncles dad while visiting on several occasions. My sis told me this that her daughter had said this, but my sis doesnt know her daughter isnt working, her boyfriend kicked her out, she is pregnant (my sons wife told my neices dad, cause neice wont, and i know my neice also steals. As I said it before, history will repeat itself and another family will be destroyed because of him. I am sorry but I hope they just put him in jail for 6 months.

By the way just wanted you all too know my sister in law sister died then this last friday night. This is the one with breast cancer and left 2 young daughter behind,



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Sorry for my poor spelling. I met for the words to come out as lying.
It has been crazy around here, and am tired.



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Sorry for the loss of your sister in law....

I don't know how you can even keep track of what's going on...I needed a program of who's who....I frankly would just nod and smile and when you hear something about him just say, well, its his life and ignore what you hear.....Guess I wouldn't be asking him about anything, cause if his lips are moving you know its' not the truth....sorry for your pain, concentrate on your own life....


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Sorry for the loss of your sister in law. Chaos is a perfect word.

I know it's hard...but try and keep detaching. There are just more things to concentrate on in your extended family than the escapades of difficult child.

Will the children be staying with your brother?