He lost ye ANOTHER job!


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difficult child#2 is unemployed AGAIN!
This time it's because he failed the drug test. :grrr: I really don't know what's wrong with this dummy! They would give him his job back if he'd agree to go to counseling and do regular UAs. Of course he told them that he wasn't taking any (expletive deleted) counseling.
I don't believe that he cares at all about his two sweet little babies. Or his wife. I wish she'd kick him out and I'd help her a little but I really don't want to help them at all when he's being such an idiot. She's working at Subway but there's no way she can support the family on that job. I've tried to get them to apply for food stamps and ADC and I'm sure they'd qualify for at least something but he doesn't want to do that. I hope I can talk her into doing it but I don't know what kind of mess that would be either.
Every single time he gets a job and gets set up so maybe we can all live a normal life, he ruins it with some stupidity or other. I really wish he'd run away from home and not come back. I think they'd all be better off without him.


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if they wont listen to you dont waste your breath. if you are concerned about the kids, take them to your house now and then and give them a meal. buy them what they need and dont send the receipts with what you send so they cant take it back to the store. I buy kaleb clothes only at goodwill as his parents used to take them back for the money. his better stuff stays with me at my house. let the parents fend for themselves.


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I agree that the kids deserve better. Help them out but not the parents.

As to jobs, husband and I were talking the other day that our son has had between 6-10 jobs per year for the last three years! That is more jobs than husband and I have had in a lifetime combined!


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Yeah, my son,like others have had millions of jobs with the same out comes. Sometimes I thing my difficult child son had jobs that never exhisted accept in his mind,lol.
The feelings you are having, we have had, and probably would be great if it happened, but.
I have learned to night that you just have to et it be whether it is good or bad, but it would sure help if they left us out of the drama.