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    difficult child called to see about scheduling another trip up to go see him. He wants us to go the weekend of husband's birthday. We just found out though that is the weekend we have to go move in bio daughter into the dorms to go back to college. He is upset and we got into a discussion with the therapist and he told her that this is just another simple case of me picking favorites and as usual it is bio daughter. I got so upset that husband decided he was going to pick up the other line to join in on the conversation. He explained to difficult child that is not the case. That is when she has to be there --we can't move her in early and she can't be late for classes. He went on to remind difficult child how hard I have worked over the years to make everything "fair" for all four of the kids. difficult child claims that is why him and bio daughter fight so much is because they are competing for my attention. They both have said in the past that is not the case but I guess the truth is out of the bag. difficult child is upset stating that we can see and talk to bio daughter anytime. husband let him know that it is not the case. Just because she lives 10 minutes away doesn't mean that we see her or talk to her. husband told him that we have spoken with him more than any other of the children this last 4 months that he has been gone. husband even told him that if he were to count up all the time that we spent with him the weekend that we visited it would be more than the time with bio daughter and she is right here. UGH! it makes it worse that bio daughter and I just had a huge fight because she was blaming difficult child for taking something from her car and I told her that she didn't have proof plus she never locks her doors and leaves her stuff on the front seat. she didn't notice this item was missing until 2 weeks after she had gone to college one weekend that she came to visit. She blamed me for playing favorites with him.
    I can't win for loosing:whiteflag: