He makes me a crazy lady!!

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    easy child/difficult child has the ability to turn me into a raving lunatic. He's very forgetful and unorganized about any activities that do not interest him such as SCHOOL! I always stay very on top of him about assignments etc to the point where he says Im a "nag". Today is his therapist appointment and we were crunched for time so when I picked him up I asked him if he had everything. Yes he said. He was 100% sure he said. About 10 min after we pulled out of the lot he said he didn't have his social studies binder and therefore could not study for his test tonight. Oops he said. Oops?? Really? We were already halfway to the therapist so I couldn't go back to the school. If he had just told me in the first place I would have stayed in the lot and he could have run back in to get it. So basically I LOST IT! I started screaming (not my finest moment) and said some things I shouldn't have said. We arrived here at the therapist and he was in tears and I look like a lunatic. We did a quick family session about not lying and being responsible etc but I'm 99% sure the therapist thinks I'm a nut! He's still in session and I'm sitting here in the waiting room with my head spinning. Uggggh!!!!
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    Insanity is contagious, you get it from your kids.
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    Omg I should be in an asylum at this point!
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    OMG, so totally been there, so. totally. been there. Not sure if anyone else but my difficult child has even experienced my primal rage. Not sure why he brings me there with stories exactly like this one. And boy do I feel like a dufus when I come down and think that maybe I do have a screw loose. Its really really really hard. But, the therapist knows this and doesn't think you are crazy and you are your own worst critic (well, my difficult child is pretty danged critical too, so maybe you have that...).
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    Isis - I felt like a complete loon! Im sure I even looked crazy!!! My hair was all wild and eye makeup smeared. Total train wreck!! lol

    Don't get me wrong - he's a nice kid. Not usually critical. Sometimes he has a wise mouth but generally he's pretty even tempered. He thinks he knows everything but that's also age related. What drives me nuts is his complete lack of attention to things. His head is in the clouds and he's always like "oh" or "oops" when he forgets things. So nonchalant. Drives me nuts!! I know a lot is from the ADHD and I do keep my patience 'most' of the time but every once in a very blue moon I lose it. He is the only one with the ability to drive me to that point. Even my oldest who is in constant trouble does not get under my skin like that.
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    Trust me, the therapist was feeling so sorry for you, not thinking you're crazy but that you had a bad day! But even they don't really know, they get to go home at night.
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    I hear ya!!!