He strikes again...Im done.


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I was just doing a routine check of my bank account online today because this weekend is tax free and I want to get a new computer so I was checking my balance. It seemed a tad low to me so I was looking at the transactions kind of closely and noticed that the check numbers were out of order.

I had been using one book of checks and there were some checks written from a whole other book! 2 in fact! 2599 and 2595. Upon further investigation, I noticed that they dates they were cashed was when I was in Virginia! Hmmmm. I was immediately suspicious of course and went to where I keep my checks. I have this old metal box that my mom kept her papers in and I had put my box of checks in there and covered them up with her papers and then covered the whole metal box with winter clothes in storage under a cabinet.

Wanna guess what happened? You guessed it. I found that Cory had found the box of checks, wrote some out, tore out all but the carbon for 2599 and you can clearly see where he wrote out 2599 to himself on 7/24! Then he put back the rest of the book into the place I kept them...idiot. So no way anyone can claim someone else stole them...he did.

He wrote checks against me totaling $1200 that have cleared so far. I have already been to the bank and to the cops to do all the paperwork. I have a call in to his bondsman to revoke his bail. I imagine he will spend quite a bit of time in the pen for this considering he already has another charge pending for this same thing. Not to mention all the other charges out there waiting.

Oh well...he knew better. Im just done. Im not saying a word until they pick him up so he doesnt run. Im trying to get to the bail bondsman so he can make arrangements to pick him up easily.


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I just really dont understand the mentality here. I really dont.

I am not rich. That is a ton of money to me. He really had no way of knowing if those checks would clear or not. Or maybe he did. Maybe he got my mail and got my bank statement out of the mailbox without me knowing it but still, I could have written checks on friday that would have bounced all over town and been in all kinds of trouble. Thankfully I didnt.

I think he decided to take roughly the same amount of money that he feels I gave Jamie. What he fails to understand is that when I gave Jamie the thousand bucks is I was paying Jamie back for Cory failing to pay off the truck that he wrecked and Jamie has been paying off for the last two years! I didnt even give him the total amount that Cory really owed Jamie, just the pay off amount. So in reality, I was paying off Corys debt but I wanted to help Jamie get his credit better so he could work on getting into a house sooner. Also Cory saw that I gave Jamie a birthday present and he figured he would give himself one I guess. He didnt give me the chance to give him one. Oh well...he will never get one from me now.

Ya know, when I got home I could tell my room had been ransacked but couldnt find anything missing. Now I know. It will be a relief to have him locked up. I feel safer worrying about thieves I dont know.


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Oh Janet, Im sorry. Its hurts more when it's our flesh and blood stealing from us. That is a ton of money to steal. Did he think you wouldn't notice? -Alyssa


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Cory seems to have come to some kind of climax in recent months, Janet. That horrible confrontation a few months ago where it almost escalated to "suicide by cop," with little relief since then...and now this.

I admit I was more than a little surprised after his violent behavior earlier that you would allow him in your home again. And he has stolen from you for as long as I have known you.

I worry for Cory. And I ache for you.



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Sorry Cory has done this.....I just don't understand how kids can rob their own parents.....guess as you said he thought he was "owed".....aghhhhhhhh.

Good for you for reporting all this, can't even believe he thought he would get away with it......just hope the cops finally pick him up and keep him in jail......


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Janet, I'm sorry. I know that couldn't have been easy for you to do.

I don't understand his line of thinking either. He HAD to know that you'd find out!


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We kind of gut suckered into having him back in the home because he was sick. First it was with the kidney stone issues and then when he attempted suicide, they released him to us without asking our permission and if he had hurt himself again it would be our fault. Like we could actually stop him.

Thankfully, his psychiatric folks seem to understand just how little control we wield over him. The hospital was clueless.

He was living with some guy in a trailer but that didnt work out. I dont really understand the particulars but he paid Julys rent and got kicked out just a week later when the guys landlord found out the guy had a roommate. The guy refused to return the rent he paid too...and I know he paid the rent because I paid it.

Oh well...doesnt matter now. He will get three hots and a cot all courtesy of the state soon.


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I am sorry Janet, I hope you can recoup some of the money somehow. It has to be hard to turn your own child in,even tho it is the right thing to do.


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Janet, I'm sorry that this happened. It was not right that he was released to your home when he is out of control. I hope that you filed a police report and took a copy to your bank?

We purchased and installed this in our bedroom. You don't need any special skills to do it, just a screwdriver and a drywall saw. I feel much safer when I am away from home.


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Gee Janet I'm so sorry. I'm a thinkin' he's really in hot water now, as the charges are just mounting against him.

I totally understand what you did. been there done that. :crying:

It's just so frustrating. You think you make a step forward then they take 2 steps behind.

I have no words of wisdom just {{{sunny hugs}}} and some revitilized cyber strength.


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Janet, I'm sorry for you. I don't understand stealing from those who love you or care for you. I don't understand stealing at all, actually.
His thinking is distorted. It's none of his business who you gave money to or when. 1200.00 is a ton of money. Shame on him for taking from his mom.


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Oh Janet I was so sorry to see this. ((((Hugs)))) and good thoughts to you. I hope Cory is picked up sooner than later and somehow the consequences sink in for him.