he wants to leave and i want him to leave too

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    My son just turned 16 hes rude disrespectful at times he ran away from home last night i went to the police station they made me find him and bring him back he needs couseling which im in the process of scheduling an appointment i honestly just want him out of my home im tired of dealing with his behavioral issues and his diabetes because he doesnt try to help he doesnt want to be here and i dont want him here and i dont know where to take him to resolve our issue i would have just let him go without reporting but his diabetes is uncontrolled and if something happens to him im legally responsible. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could do legally as his parent to get him out of my house
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    The only things I know are drastic if you are in the U.S such as giving up custody or calling CPS and trying for residential custody for him. If he is dangerous you probably need to involve the police as un "he is being dangerous to me." You matter too. If he damages your property, hits you, or takes drugs in your house he could hurt anyone living there. Do you have other kids at home? A spouse or SO to help you?

    Do you live in the U.S.? I know little about this but there is a way to file Child In Need of Protection and I think that guarantees help. Sounds like he needs to live out of home but until he is 18 he does need somebody watching him. Foster care? Thought of that?

    I wish you the very best. I am sorry.
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    Yes i live in michigan.. he hasnt pysically abused me yet the police cant do anything when he ran away last night the police made me find him and bring him back home ive been on google im going to see how i go about getting him emancipated
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    In order to be emancipated, he has to be able to support himself and show he can handle his life. That will probably mean he has to be able to control his diabetes. This is something my son was interested in when he was a teen, so I asked a lawyer friend about it. I am not in Michigan, but this is a pretty general requirement in all states. It is to keep kids from leaving home and ending up on welfare.

    He could live with a relative, or a friend, legally. If one would take him, that is. Residential treatment is expensive and extreme, but given his diabetes, might be something that qualifies him for. Depends on your insurance. Then again, they might give you 2-3 days and send him home. You just never know.