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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Thought I'd check in to see how you are doing with the healthy life plan.
I'm eating better. I'm definitely trimmer and more toned and I'm stronger but that darn scale isn't moving much. I realized yesterday that I was doing much better with the strength training and muscle toning. My stamina has improved but I sure would like to drop a size and get down another 10 lbs. The treadmill is going faster and longer but the scale isn't going very forgiving.

I'm in love with the WW cookies and cream ice cream treat. It's a real treat for a sweet lover like me. The sugar free tropical fruit popsicles are yummy too. Anyone else have anything that makes eating healthy easier?</span>

Congrats! I still can't do much in the way of "real exercising" but I am doing alot of stretches and walking. I have kept off the 10 lbs I lost while in the hospital and have lost another 5. I feel better, but have about 45 lbs more to go. I really don't care how long it takes, just want it to STAY off! I am doing a diluted version of the Adkins diet, trying to keep the carbs low and the proteins high. It is giving me alot more energy and I feel so much better. I can't do away with carbs all together, makes me feel weird, so I do have a little cereal in the a.m. and do have one slice of whole wheat bread with lunch. Snacking much less and trying to walk a little further each day.

I went shopping over the weekend and was able to move down a size in the jean shorts I bought. I feel like I am in such a better place with watching meal portions and snacking less and drinking much more water now than Diet Coke with lime. I do splurge and have one class of Difficult Child daily but that is a huge improvement over the all day drinking of Diet Coke I was doing.

Anyways, loving this taking care of myself business! It's about time!!

Hugs and continued luck,


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Hi Vickie, I know what you mean about not wanting it to return. I have lost weight so many times that I have lost count. I've kept pretty steady for the last 9 or 10 yrs. The yo yo only goes up and down about 15lbs which is a huge improvement over the 50lbs that went up and down every 3 or 4 yrs.

I stopped all soda and alcohol a few years ago but I don't like tap water. I splurge and buy bottled water to keep with me on the treadmill and in the car. Good for you for making progress especially with your bout of back trouble. </span>


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What's the Hungry Girl website, Nomad?

Good luck with the hunky French personal trainer. Let me know if that helps. Either he is good at working you out or your metabolism is boosted just by looking at him. :smile:

Have fun.

It's so frustrating when you're working so hard to lose weight and the scale won't budge!!! However, I think that if you are trimmer, more toned, and eating healthier, you may just be gaining muscle. Eventually the scale will drop again!!!

Here are a few things I do to manage my weight. I drink tons of water. In fact, I don't drink anything but water, tea with Splenda, and coffee with Splenda and only a couple teaspoons of half and half. I only allow myself alcoholic beverages on the weekends. I limit myself to no more than two drinks either friday or saturday night. I choose my drinks carefully!!! I usually drink rum with diet coke and lime, cosmopolitans, or mojitos. I LOVE Margueritas but NEVER drink them anymore. I read that each one has over 700 calories!!!

I always eat a healthy breakfast. I have a 6 oz container of plain yogurt. I put a packet of Splenda and a bit of cinnamon in it. I also have a piece of fruit, usually an apple, and a Kashi granola bar. Coffee of course!!!

I read somewhere, I can't remember where, that whenever you feel like snacking to eat a piece of fruit first. I've been eating an apple first whenever I want to munch since January. Believe it or not, it really does help!!!

I have a sweet tooth too. I can't eliminate sweets from my diet. I just try to eat them in moderation. I've been known to throw out junk food if I know I can't control myself around it.

When I need a carb fix, I usually toast a light whole grain Thomas English Muffin and put a bit of jam or jelly on it. They have lots of fiber in them. I'll eat an apple before it and have a cup of green tea with it.

In the nice weather, I eat lots of salads. I like to mix veggies and fruits together and use a low cal raspberry viniagrette dressing. Sometimes this helps with my sweet tooth.

Oh no - I just looked at the time. I have to pick up easy child from her after school activities. Anyway, I think I was beginning to write a mini novel!!! When it comes to weight, I could go on and on and on...

Anyway, I'm going to try those Weight Watcher's cookies and icecream treats. They sound good.

Keep up the good work!!! WFEN


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I found the new spray salad dressings. They have only a calorie a spray I think. I usually use three sprays so thats great. I love salads and with the light dressing it makes it even better.

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I have lost 10 pounds on WW since the begining of January. I have hit a plateau because I am getting lazy and I havent excersised in weeks. I still attend my meeting every week and I think that keeps me on program pretty much.

I am a tv snacker, I have to eat something while watching my shows. I have gotten pretty creative with the sweets.

your right WW icecream sandwhichs are awesome! Sometimes I will put one in bowl with suger free cool whip and eat it with a spoon. I also remove one side of the sandwhich (to reduce points) heat in the microwave a snack cup of suger free pudding for about 30 seconds, it melts, I pour it over my icecream top with berries and suger free coolwhip, OUT OF THIS WORLD. I also eat WW vanilla yogurt with rasberries and blackberries, it fills me up and super sweet.

I weigh in on Friday morning so for the rest of the day of Fridays I dont think about what I eat. I do cheat during the week but pretty much stay on program.

I just have to get back to excersise, I have been feelin down and tired lately, as soon as I feel better I will get back into it.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Sometimes I will put one in bowl with suger free cool whip and eat it with a spoon. I also remove one side of the sandwhich (to reduce points) heat in the microwave a snack cup of suger free pudding for about 30 seconds, it melts, I pour it over my icecream top with berries and suger free coolwhip, OUT OF THIS WORLD. I also eat WW vanilla yogurt with rasberries and blackberries, it fills me up and super sweet.

HolyCow that sounds so yummy. </div></div>

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Oh Fran it is sooooo good. The pudding actually tastes like hot fudge when melted and its only 100 calories and in WW land 1 point the sandwhich is 2 points,(I usually take off about1/2 point for the side of the sandwhich I take off) so thats only 2 1/2 points for a yummy dessert! I have found that I can put fresh rasberries on just about anything and it tastes so so yummy.



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Here's another one who could have written your post word for word. I have been excercising religiously every night for one to one and a half hours. I'm up to 8 miles on the bike and 2 on the treadmill. After my initial 6 lb loss the scale hasn't budged. I eat no breakfast (I know this is against all advice but I gain weight if I eat breakfast), a peanut butter and jelly graham cracker bar which is low cal for lunch, and a balanced dinner, tonight it was chicken on the grill and corn. I drink water instead of pop or juice and I can't seem to move the scale.

I started using hand weights on the treadmill and doing stomach crunches but still no weight loss. I'm better toned and feel good but gosh I would like to lose these pounds.



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Tootsie Pops can take at least 15 minutes to eat and are only worth one point. Some teachers at school are now using these at the end of the day instead of snacking.

I've walked aobut 7 out of the past 11 days, but have not been so good with the food. Tomorrow is weigh in day....If I'm lucky I'm down perhaps a pound this week.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>jannie, Tootsie pops! my teeth hurt just thinking about it but maybe it's a good alternative.
Nancy,you're workout sounds great. Maybe our metabolism needs a kick start. I'm trying to kick the treadmill up really high(5.2mi) for 60 sec every 10 min. I'm hoping it will be what I need to jump start my weight loss.
Good luck. </span>

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It is frustrating when the scale doesn't budge. One time when I was having trouble losing and exercising a lot someone told me to add in a few points. I did and started losing some weight. First time I ever had to eat more to lose.

Right now I've been doing good on the eating end of things overall. I lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks and didn't weigh in last weekend cause I was gone. However, this week was the wedding, snacks at the staff meeting, a party after work and a dinner out so we'll see how kind the scale is on Saturday.

I too am really enjoying the ww desserts again-I had gotten away from them for awhile but have recently become addicted again.


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I think that's a good idea about kicking the speed up Fran. I did that on the bike and try to better my time each week. I thought increasing from 6 to 8 miles would do it but no. I may try kicking up the treadmill too, although I'm not sure I can get it that high. I'm at between 3.5 and 4 for 30 minutes, I can probably get it up to 4.5 for a short time.

Something has to kick start this weight loss.

Good luck,


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Sharon, I have heard that when the scale doesn't budge to add a few more calories. It doesn't seem possible but I figure it's like stoking the engine.

Nancy, I don't put it up that high for long. I started at 30 seconds. I try to be really aware of my heart and breathing so I don't over do it. I keep it at 3.6 to 3.8 normally. If I'm feeling really tired, I don't do the spikes in speed. Somedays my legs are pretty tired.

I have to tell you that the instructor for the weight training and toning is torturing me. LOL. While keeping keeping my hands on the floor, my shins on a large ball, I have to roll the ball in with my shins, then do a push up after I roll the ball back by straigthening my legs. I looked up at him and said "do you know how old I am?" He just chuckled and said I was fortunate that I could do this and I should keep doing it. Sometimes I wonder how crazy this all is but I figure it all helps those core muscles and balance. I do like the arm exercises with weights though. My arms are less flabby and the strength is increasing.
I really, really loved step aerobics but I just don't seem to be able to make it to the class on their schedule. Maybe in a few months. I keep thinking if I mix it up or switch every few months I won't get too comfortable or restless.

Good Luck ladies. Today is a new day to get healthy.

I've also heard that increasing the speed for short periods of time increases your metabolism. Is this called interval training?

Even though I'm doing well - I only need to lose one more pound of the original eight I gained, I want to take off three additional pounds. I like to have a bit of room to play with so every now and then, especially in the summer and on vacations, I can "forget" about watching my weight. Ya, right... Unfortunately, watching my weight is ALWAYS in the back of my mind... Well, at least throw caution to the wind every now and then!!!

How do you keep yourself from eating more than one WW treat at a time? I love sweets!!! I could easily eat an entire pack of WW treats at once if I didn't remove myself from the kitchen!!!

One thing that I do to keep myself from indulging too freely is to keep a swimsuit handy. I make myself try it on every now and then... I usually have a piece of clothing in my closet that I want to be able to wear without feeling like I "stuffed" myself into it... Usually this is a favorite "little black dress"... I make myself try this on too...

I've found that by eating frozen yogurt and mixing some frozen cherries in it, I can fool myself into thinking I'm eating more frozen yogurt than I actually am...

Have you tried General Mills chocolate chip fiber one bars? I really like them, as long as I can keep from eating more than one at a time...

Enough for now... I could just keep right on going when it comes to this subject... WFEN

I need to keep reading about all the weight training you're doing. It is so good for you!!! As I've said before, I do lots of aerobics but am too lazy when it comes to weight training. I'm beginning to feel a bit inspired from reading about the progress you're making... Just not inspired enough this morning... :rofl: WFEN


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Thanks for the Hungrygirl website Nomad. I bookmarked it for myself. I'm sure there are a lot of good suggestions.

WFEN,I keep a lot of sugar free popsicles and jello for a sweet attack. I find the icyness of popsicles cuts through the urge for sweets. I have sugar free pudding too. It's only 60 cal. It's thick and sweet and helps when I'm on a hunt for sweets. Like Nancy, I do not like breakfast. It doesn't suit me at all. I do eat 3 meals but I start later in the day. 10AM 2PM and 6 PM work better for me but sometimes even later depending on my schedule. I don't snack as much because I have my meals closer together and I'm relatively full.
I have to work on my arms. As most ummm generously endowed women I have larger upper arms than I like. I don't want those bat wings to flap. Toning and weights are the only way. Today my lower abdomen is on the large ball, feet on floor behind me. I have weights in my hand. I go from floor, up to squeezing my shoulder blades together. It is harder than it sounds. I don't like it much either. He makes us do 3 exercises/routines 3 times at 12 reps. Then we move on to another 3 different routines.

I don't know if what I'm doing is actually interval training as it would be defined but I know it gives me a little spike in heart rate. I am pretty disciplined when I'm doing it but like an alcoholic, if I fall off the wagon, I really fall off the wagon. I keep trying though. I love some of the suggestions I'm getting here. I still want to try the elliptical trainer and rowing for a change of pace. I can't wait to try the dessert with ww ice cream.

I really appreciate having someone to bounce ideas off of. Thanks. </span>


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I have been trying to do well on WW and work out but I was out of town on a fun weekend with my Mom and Sister. We had a blast-didn't stick with program too well but we did a ton of walking. Wonder of Wonders, when I weighed yesterday, i had lost 1.4 lbs for a total of 12.2 lbs since joining WW in January!

My sweet tooth cure is the Jello sugar free pudding cups. The fat free cups are 2 pts each but the sugar free is 1 pt. They have a vanilla topped with caramel that is to die for! There is also a capuccino flavor that is yummy too.

I am trying to get back on track this week since the weekend resulted in decadent mexican food, Margaritas and the like but it was so worth it. Was the first time my Mom and Sister and I have been together for a fun time since my Sister and I have been adults. We WILL do this again. For anyone looking for a good time with good eats and shopping, Branson Landing in the Missouri Ozarks is a wonderful place.

See Ya!


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I'm trying to unload 35 lbs of Zyprexa weight. I have real sympathy for kids taking this stuff. The only thing that has helped is to make the carbs I crave constantly into part of a meal and make sure I eat healthy amounts of protein and veggies with them. I'm limited on what veggies/fibre I can eat due to partial intestinal obstruction.

So...I eat some meals backwards. I have my canned 'lite' peaches first. I can eat some whole wheat breads (I'm on a low residue diet)and have a slice of that and maybe a cup of yogurt. Then and only then do I hit the pasta.

No snack food in the house beyond 'triscuit' crackers and I count those out. Since the zyprexa I can eat a whole big bag of chips in three days if I allow myself to...not good.

I've gotten a sweet tooth since taking the Zyprexa, too (ugh) and I've taken to buying sugarless fruit juice bars (the natural fruit kind--nutrasweet makes me nuts)or the 'fudgcicles' for when the cravings hit.

I eat a lot of veggies, those cooked to death but I also eat or drink the liquid they were cooked in to get the nutrients that might have boiled out. I save and freeze cooking or canning liquids to use in making soups and stews.

Exercise is limited right now. I messed up my back about six months ago and was just able to resume walking any distance when I slipped and fell on the ice and fractured my tailbone.

Luckily I still don't like chocolate or I'd be in real trouble. All I know is I've lost seven lbs in the past three months. This is gonna be a long haul and its the first time in my life I've been overweight, let alone obese.

For those with kids on Zyprexa (or Risperdal which my psychiatrist says is even worse), not only are you hungry (I've woken up at night, hit the fridge and eaten cold leftovers, talk about nasty) much of the time, but you get cravings that to me are reminiscent of the times I tried to quit smoking. Tte kids can't help it. The APs really are crazy making when it comes to food.

Wish me luck...I've got to get the weight off so my back and tailbone can heal and so my knees quit complaining so much.

toK (if you are watching your blood pressure please be careful with canning liquids; they are not low in sodium)