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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by babyblue31, Jul 23, 2008.

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    I was wondering if any one can tell me what this dream I had last night ment.

    It started out I was with friends having a good time talking and stuff.. Then me and his father was at my old aptment and had a very intament moment.. Then I was at my old house (which is been torn down and in ohio) with my son and his father and my dads girlfriends rottwier attacked my son in the neck and killed him, then at the hopsital I went off on a nurse say when was it about you and not the care of the patients when they wanted me to clean his body then the doctor came in and gave us sales adds for a store for food.

    Please if any one could help it's driving me crazy!!!:confused:

    Things are going good with difficult child and boyfriend for now..

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    :future: I tell my difficult child that dreams are your mind sorting through and reorganizing stuff. Nightmares are when something is put in the wrong file. This reorganizing is just while you sleep - everything is put back in its correct file by the time you wake up.

    Who knows why our minds choose to bring up whatever they do on any given night? Sometimes it is something we are struggling with and then the dream makes a little bit of sense but usually it is just a bunch of stuff thrown in one file to be sorted out.

    Did you read the thread in the watercooler about the pit bull attacking the kid? Your mind may have said, "O.K., dog attacks kid." Your mind knows of your dad's girlfriend's dog and it knows of your son so it filed the two together causing a nightmare.

    Like many moms, we feel the burden of care placed solely on us without much help. Your mind was telling you that you need to take care of difficult child on your own, that no one will help you even if it is their job. Again, just not true in real life! You can find lots of people to help.

    Then you got hungry so your brain brought up sales ads. You are a smart shopper even in your dreams! I am very impressed! ;)

    Dreams are weird and sometimes funny. For the most part we can not tell why the dreams are what they are. But then again, maybe we have a reader out there that does interpret dreams and will have better insight than me.

    I am glad you stopped in - I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. Give that sweet difficult child a hug for me!