Hello to all who remember me :)

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    Wow, it's been awhile!! I was just quickly looking through some threads and still see some familiar faces. Just read the thread by antsmom and I'm so happy to hear about your reconcilliation with ant.

    I also see a lot of new faces here who will have no clue who I am but I'm hoping my update on my difficult child/former difficult child, never sure what to call him because as far as I'm concerned a difficult child will always have difficult child tendancies, they may just be more apparent at times than others, will give some of you hope.

    As those of you who know me, know my son is a recovering heroin addict who had many stays in rehabs, sober houses etc. and was on suboxone for a few years. He switched from suboxone to buying methadone off the street which I was not happy about!!

    As far as the heroin, he has not used in over 3 years, I was o.k. with the suboxone because it was prescribed, but as far as the methadone, I felt he was trading one for the other.

    The good news: Right after Christmas he decided he was weaning himself off of the methadone and was totally determined and I'm glad to announce, very successful. He spent 3 or 4 days held up in his apartment with his girlfriend, and I was delivering him supplies such as gatorade, tylenol, bananas, everything I could think of to make him more comfortable, and he did it!! He has been totally clean now for around 4 months and doing very very well. Well, he's doing well as far as drug use, but financially is a different story of course. That's where the once a difficult child always a difficult child comes in as far as I'm concerned :)

    He is going to counseling now and is taking a much needed prescription for anxiety which he has suffered from for years, but was very honest with the counselor in regards to his addiction. I can't remember what he's taking, but it's not a controlled substance that he will be addicted too or could sell on the streets. It's made a huge difference in his personality and ability to socialize.

    He is very proud of himself and feels good about himself.

    Financially, he's still working under the table in a job that he will never get anywhere with, always behind on his bills and will probably lose his apartment, but that is another step he is going to have to get over when it happens.

    As they say, one step at a time.

    Hope all is well with everyone else, or as well as it can be with a difficult child! Hope you are all staying strong and hanging in there.

    P.S. my daughter is doing great. I'm still dating the same guy and my life is really good right now :)
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    Karen! So good to hear from you. It's been a long time.

    Glad to hear that things are going well with you, your man and your daughter.
    As for difficult child, you must be so proud of him for his determination to get clean. That's a great accomplishment. As for the dead-end job and financial troubles...Sigh. I'm sorry he's struggling, but very glad to see that you're remaining detached from the situation.

    Drop by again soon. We miss you.
    (And your fancy-schmancy garbage can has featured prominently in the last few Board House Warming Parties :tongue:)

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    I have thought about you tons in the last few weeks. I must be psychic or something...lol. I thought about Ponygirl and she showed up, I thought about you...and you showed up. Maybe if I keep eating cookies I can conjure up Coookie!

    Im tickled to hear about difficult child but the whole finances, job, apartment mess is not foreign to me. I live it with Cory too. He is back at home with me but at least that makes his little girl thrilled to death...lol.

    Now tell us, how is that fancy trash can? Still fancy?
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    Hey, Karen. Thanks so much for the update. I think of you and hope for the best...it sounds like
    it is close now, lol. I'm thrilled that things are going well. by the way, someone on General (I think)
    asked about circumstances similar to yours and I referred them over here to read your update.
    Best wishes to you and yours, old friend. DDD
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    Hi ! What a great thread and update to read this morning. I'm thrilled for you that life is going well. Good for (ex)difficult child. I understand what you mean about difficult child's always having difficult child tendencies. lol. I totally agree. How awesome that he's kicked the hold that the heroin and the substitutes had on him though. That's such great news !

    Life in my house has had ups and downs the last year. My difficult child, though has never gone back to drugs, started drinking alcohol to the point that it became a huge problem. Just substituted one drug for another - a legal one, but a drug all the same. He and his fiance split up, but ... knock on wood ... he's back on track and doing great. He's been sober now four months. He's involved in AA through what's called an Alano Club here. It's basically a social club for the AA members. He's even on their summer softball team, in an AA league.

    It's always great to "see" and hear from old friends. I'm glad you stopped by to give an update, as I think about those in the CD Family that haven't been around in a while.

    Hugs to you and yours,
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    Your post does give hope, and I thank you for sharing! Your strength is remarkable. I wish your son continued success in his recovery.
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    Karen, what a *fabulous* update! What a relief that difficult child is clean... and that he made the choice to do so. I hear you (very well) about the financial stuff, but... I guess I believe/hope that once our kids knock off the drugs, the rest will come. Slowly of course because we are talking difficult children, LOL, but it will come.

    Glad to hear that you and easy child are doing good as well!
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    Hi Karen-

    I too have thought about you often. Some of us are still here, same or bigger problems. Sweet Betsy is still an active difficult child, but the ante is higher now as are her consequences.

    Glad your life is good. Uplifting to hear a positive story about your son. Hope the roll continues.


  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well, Well, WELL!!!!! Look who came to play with us! :D

    And what WONDERFUL, AMAZING, ASTOUNDING news you have brought for a cheery Friday. Thanks so much for the update and the good news. It's really good to see your little harmonica playing chipmunk again. Just sose ya know - We had a house warming party for Every Woman - and Mstang brought her a fancy-schmancy trash can. NOW a requirement at ALL housewarming parties. :tongue:

    Missed you -
    Congrats on everything....Nice to see you smile!
    Hugs & Love
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    I am so glad to hear that my fancy garbage can is still a topic of conversation. Who would have thunk it?? :)
    It does make a great house warming gift!!
    I have to make it a point of stopping by more often. Even though I don't stop by as often as I should, I still think of all of you often. Actually I think about all of you anytime my son shows his difficult child tendancies, LOL!!

    By the way Janet, did you conjure up Cookie??