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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by DancerMom, Mar 12, 2007.

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    I posted in General too, but hope that there are some in here that can give me some advice!!!!

    Short and to the point....

    difficult child 2 is in 4th Grade, we moved, changed schools twice. In 2nd new school since February 15th. Has old teacher, teaching 30+ years. Never married, no children. difficult child 2 in honors challenge program. Straight As until this class. Suddenly cannot write correctly, letters not formed right, numbers not on lines correctly, using spacing wrong, etc. for this teacher. difficult child 2 is now having headaches after school, crying, won't eat, vomiting and diarrhea. Every morning gets up dreading school. Tonight had total meltdown. Crawled in closed and cried and cried.

    Visited teacher, visited counselor. Was told excellent teacher, strict and difficult child just needs to "adjust' to her. :nonono: I want him moved from that class to another teacher. Principal only one that can do it. Says must have doctor's note that states it is affecting him.

    Alright warriors....HELP ME!!!!! I don't know what to do with the school system and where to start. I am debating letting him go to school tomorrow just because he is so upset.

    Thanks and hope I made sense...
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    Does difficult child have an IEP?
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    Hi Sheila,

    No difficult child does not have an IEP. Never had a reason to, has always been a model student. Always honor roll, always perfect with behavior, first one at school, last to leave type child. That is why this is all so odd.

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    any reason a doctor woul;d not write a note?
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    I won't argue with you that difficult child 2 is a model student--all kids are different but it seems to me that difficult child 2 has some pretty heavy diagnosis's and medications. These are Rx'd by someone. That someone should now bail out ex-difficult child by writing the appropriate letter.

    The type of teacher you are referring to can set a difficult child up for school refusal and many more things. She will not "improve him." He will get so wound up, he will be unable to learn anything from her. Have you read The Explosive Child? Your child may not be this severe yet, but in my opinion that is where unproductive pressure of this type leads. been there done that and my ex-difficult child is almost 20. If I could do it all again, I would get him away from hyper-critical teachers.

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    Sorry, so long to respond.

    Dreamer - the Dr. pitched a fit and called the school herself. She said that difficult child had enough already on his plate that should be enough to not place him with a teacher such as this. She was livid. She told principal that she would give her to Friday to make appropriate changes for him or she would write a letter of medical neccesity to Board for transfer since (in her words) "it is obvious the school does not want to own up to having a over-bearing and difficult teacher and wants the resonsibility of that teacher's reputation put on the medical provider's shoulders".
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    We moved from NC to SC. Therapist here has only seen difficult child 3 times and doesn't feel that she is able to write a letter having only seen him that many times. NC privatized the mental health system and his former therapist he had seen for the past 5 years no longer works at the place he went to. As a matter of fact, no one that worked there 8 months ago is there, not even the receptionist. It's crazy in NC to put it mildly.

    I have really peeved the school and the principal off. I don't care. I do not know anyone here and told them I'd climb ladders or jump hoops, didn't make a *&#) to me - I don't care whose toes I step on. Was told this teacher had never had a child request to be moved. Ha! I think that's a bunch of malarchy!!

    It took us 4 hours to do 30 mins of homework last night. Trying to get the handwriting correct to HER standards, every math problem lined perfectly, etc.

    I need a diagnosis for me !!!!!!!!!

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    Oh more thing. I have looked into a private school for him in the Fall...How do you guys feel about that??

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    If you can find a private school that will take him, and you can afford it, it's your choice. However, be aware that if it does not work out, you have no rights at all (except perhaps against discrimination in protected categories.)

    Who is prescribing medications? That person should be able to verify that difficult child 2 does not need additional stress after moving. Also, it NEEDS to be in your records that he was moved for a cause related to diagnosis's. If you can avoid it, don't have this done by phone with you cut out of the process.