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I am searching for any help for me possible. I have a 5 yo little boy who has had problems before with aggression and attention problems.During the summer he had been at home and we have managed him well.We have a very strict schedule and rules with set consequences.We do not see violence or aggressiveness at home towards us or his 10 mo old brother. He started Kindergarten on 8/8 and has had multple problems with hitting pushing and kicking. we had an iep that was wrote in may of last year when his preschool had the school psyscoligist evaluate him, but i was hoping that over the summer he had improved.But i was wrong.He has an ADHD diagnosis we tried focalin and daytrana which both he had allergic reactions to.He has sensory integration and wont take oral medications so we havent tried anything else medication wise. On Monday the school wanted to move him to a all day EBD classroom away from the other kids. I wasnt really up on the idea i wanted to have a team meeting and get input from someone else other than the vice principal and his teacher, the earliest we can do that is next wed.In the mean time they decided to suspend him for physical assualt when he pushed another child down.I was at wits end we had talked to him about things punished him at home and even striped his room to his bed and dresser, i didn't know what else to do, so I took him to a psyciatric hospital with a childrens unit to be evaluated, and they decided to admit him to get him stable and on some medications.I feel like tthe worst mom for leaving him.I question wether I did the right thing, I didnt HAVE to take him, maybe I should have done something different at home.He's never spent the night away. I almost regret my decision, i need some other peoples input who have chilren with similar problems.Do kids this young usually have to stay somewhere or is he that bad. any in put is appreciated


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I wish I had some good advice. There are other parents on here who have had to have their kids admitted for evaluation, you are not alone. I'm so sorry for what you're going through.


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Your child isn't bad--he needs help. Most parents report that inpatient goes well for their young children. It's a safe place for them, lots of attention, low stimulation. If he's had allergic reactions to the medications, it's the best place to trial new ones. You were fortunate there was a bed open--that's rare on a child's unit.

Take a breather this week while he's in there. If he has sensory issues that keep him from taking medication, it will be important that he is getting year round occuptional therapy. It's very helpful.

Has he ever been seen by any specialists but the school staff and his own pediatrician?


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Hi and welcome,
I know how hard this can be. My daughter just turned 6 and spent 4 weeks in the hospital this summer. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. What I ended up doing because of her severe anxiety and the Psychistrist agreed was she spent all day at the Hospital and then she spent the night with me at a hotel. I had to basically move for 4 weeks. husband had to take off of work and watch our 3yo. It was very hard!!! But it was the best thing for K!!! She was watched full time wehad meetings every day, we changed her medications ALOT... the place ended up being really good. THe first week was horrible, but everything kind of fell into place after that. They worked really hard on teaching her how to accountable for her actions, and stabilty with medications and parent modifications .
I hope your son gets the help he needs.

PM me if you have any questions... lots of others here have had to do the same thing!!!


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i did my 5 yr old i got feed up, he was in the hospital for 6 days and then went to the school in the hospital for 1.5 months. it helped out he had alot of different therapies, and a structured schedule. But when he came home school was out for the summer and he has kinda bottomed out. It was hard especially going the first day of being able to see him after 3 days, and when you had to leave he was screaming, kicking, yelling, and crying loudly almost like bloody murder that he wants to go home with you. What got me was when they took him back to the back so we could leave and i was almost outside the door and he ran out of the back room screaming "Momma, Don't leave me. I wanna go home." I had to turn away, and walk out. It is hard but it's for their own good and your sanity.


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I can relate very much to you. My son is now 4, but at three he was institutionalized for 48 hrs. My son was diagnosed bipolar, ADHD, and ODD. He takes risperadol, depakote, and tenax. We have gone through about 7 different medications from the time he was 3. We hace to change his medications ecery so often because he is constantly growing. He stated pre-k this yr and on the 2nd day i got a call from the teacher stating, that he had pushed a little boy into the wall, he had been calling names, and that he has been very disprescptful. Also he has also been kicked out of 5 different daycares. I am now trying to find someone to take him for some behavioral therapy.