Her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is off the charts these days!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, May 24, 2011.

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    And I have no idea what triggered it. Usually, it's manageable, a minor frustration over a plan not coming together, or something not being where she thinks she left it, or she's miffed at me because I asked for a ride to school and I "didn't TELL" her that I was going to C, not to R (I did but you know how it goes)...

    Yesterday she was freaking out about the panther pee...OK, we cleaned it up, get on with your day. No. Obsessing, whining, nagging, fussing...all about a puddle of cat pee that we cleaned up. Just DEAL with it already.

    Today I was able to walk to school, so I didn't wake her, but there were several crises waiting for me. Another puddle of panther pee (he has an appointment at the vet on Friday), but she cleaned it up. Then she decided that she wanted to check her credit scores...I have no idea why. She couldn't find the free one that you get once a year, and started yelling at me because I didn't remember, either. Now, I have an excellent memory, but I can't remember everything. After wigging out about that for a while, she started wigging out about running the dishwasher. Then she decided she had to rewash the clean, folded laundry in the basket because one of the panther boys sat in the basket. Then there was no wheat bread. Or soft butter. And her pen got lost. And she wanted to use the pink highlighter, but I don't have a pink one, so she stopped everything to go find a pink highlighter. And then I didn't have one stamp..."but I only need ONE." "Miss KT, I don't have any stamps."

    When I mentioned (calmly and quietly, really) that I thought she needed to get her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) under control, she said, "I can't. Dr. G won't give me medications for it." "Well, find a therapist or something, Miss KT, because you seriously need to learn how to handle it when your plans are changed."

    She started tensing up Saturday, and just seems to be getting spun even tighter as the days go on. Could it be the fear of my surgery on the 3rd? Or of having to take care of me? Ever since my bff's stroke and subsequent paralysis, she's been terrified of the possibility of my dying, and this time I actually have paperwork in place to allow Hubby to make decisions for me.

    I just don't know how to stop her from catastrophizing and stressing herself out. She makes me tired.
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    Wow. Sounds like how my difficult child and husband can get when their moods are out of whack. Any possibility of some sort of mood disorder? Hang in there, and go to your happy place often
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    Could be nervousness over your surgery and the friend's stroke. Could be other little things compounding it too.

    But oh man..........I think that behavior would drive me to the brink.

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    I think you need to call her psychiatrist and tell him what is going on. She likely NEEDS medications to be able to start having some control over this. Your surgery is certainly a big part of the problem - fear of you dying, of you not being able to do for her, of being alone, etc... Also fear of H being in control of your health care. If she is like many young adults, she may think that you should have given HER the right to make those decisions because she is your child, related biologically and H is just your husband, her stepdad, "not a relative biologically" of yours or hers. Twisted thinking, but I have seen it many times.

    I know how exhausting this kind of thing can be for those who are watching it happen.
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    Well, you know - SHE is the only person that can fix this. What happens in three years when she's on her own and you're not there to fix it for her? Who fixes it then? What happens when it's not panther pee, but the sound of a ceiling fan, and a chip bag. (insert rolling eyes of DF) These are the reasons you just politely point to the phone and say "You keep growing up, you keep getting these adult responsibilities.....there's how you fix this." and stop yelling at me for now remembering how to fix it all for YOU. That's not part of MY adult responsibilities. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or not - being a jerk is just being a jerk.

    Both of you need your beauty sleep and when only NONE of you is getting it? A house of females divided is an UGLY thing.