He's bouncing off the walls

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Whew, it's getting to be a long day!

    We didn't give difficult child any medications this a.m., so he could be tested "as is." He is literally hopping around like a kangaroo. Good thing he has a baseball game in 45 min.!
    He's generally in a good mood--mouthed off a few times--but I think the clonidine may still be in his system from yesterday.
    He said he missed a few questions today because the interviewer had an Indian accent. (Aarrrgh! That accent again!)

    We'll get the results in 2 wks. I hope we get them sooner so I can show the educ. portion to his teacher.

    Oh, one other side effect that has worn off--he called me on my cell ph 3X from the psychiatric's ofc to ask for food! :laugh: I packed him a lunch and he ate it all. Then at 2 p.m, when he had finished testing, I took him to McDonald's. At home, he ate a bunch of stuff but I'm not sure what except that the pantry doors are open.
    And I promised him that if he was good, he could have sushi tonight (forgot about the game). He will eat us out of house and home.
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    Sorry you had a rough day. Hard sometimes when you see what your own child is like without the medication. I'm glad your testing is completed, two weeks isn't bad at all.

    I hope your night is calmer.

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    Oh Terry, I feel for you.
    I've had days like that in my house (especially when Little easy child, difficult child and I were all "off" at the same time. Whew!)

    Hope that the testing provides some really good insight that you can use, hope difficult child burns off his remaining energy at the game so that you can all get some sleep, and hope that the bleachers are not too rough on your achin' back.

    Strangely, your subject line is playing through my head to the tune of "A hunting we will go".

    He's bouncing off the walls / He's bouncing off the walls
    Heigh ho, the derry oh, He's bouncing off the walls

    (Not sure what that says about MY mental state...)

    Sending positive thoughts for a calm and peaceful evening!
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    Oh Terry,
    I truly hope tonight is better. The one day they took difficult child off his clonidine in the hospital he was beyond hyper. Hugs.
  5. TerryJ2

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    It started to rain but we drove to the field anyway. The game was rained out. difficult child was disappointed but held it well... until ... we realized that the sushi restaurant was closed on Monday nights ... and then he said he wanted to go home and watch TV, and I reminded him "No TV on school nights until you bring up your English D to a B."

    The word "NO" has magical properties. Or, they're a curse.
    He exploded.

    Okay, he was already miffed because when we came home from testing, he carried in the mail. We both had our arms full, and he deliberately blocked my way to the door, roughhousing, so I put the key into his armpit and pretended he was the door. He did not think it was funny and the mail fell to the ground. (Hey they can dish it out but they can't take it. :( )
    I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but apparently it bothered him so much he let it simmer, and that's when I got his with-both barrels after the game was cancelled and the sushi bar was closed.

    I pulled into husband's clinic and left difficult child in the car. Good thing, because my back was horrid. I got therapy, hot and cold, and an adjustment and peace and quiet for 20 min. Meanwhile, difficult child cooled down.
    husband got him out of the car and they drove home separately.

    That gave me time to make sushi at home. Coincidentally, I had purchased raw tuna yesterday to make for dinner tomorrow. I was going to grill it, but since difficult child was so set on sushi, I decided to thaw it out, make Jap. vinegar rice, and throw in whatever seaweed I could find. Turned out I found it in some miso soup pkts!

    Once everyone got home, they ate like pigs. I asked difficult child if he liked it and of course, he said, "No, I was just hungry."


    He's still awake and hasn't finished his homework ...

    Sigh ...