Hi I am new here

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by spirited, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. spirited

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    I joined today :) Hi
    My step daughter was diagnosed with conduct disorder last year. I look forward to reading, learning and hopefully not feeling so alone and helpless.
  2. Andy

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    Welcome Spirited!!! Feel free to share any specific concerns you have - issues you are struggling with - and even things that are working well for you.

    We are a great group to vent to. We find that most of the times friends, families, neighbors do not really understand what is going on with our kid's life and can sometimes be judgemental when we try to vent to them. So we come here and type away.

    Each child is special and although much of what is shared on this board is the struggles, we know that there are also good moments in their lives.
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    Hi! No more being alone! It's a great group of people with what seems like an endless amount of knowledge. You might want to go onto the FAQ/Board Help and make a signature. A lot of us need help with our memories (lol!) and having a breakdown of your particular dynamic helps (sort of like mine at the end of my post). A word of advice: don't use real names when describing yourself or the kids in the family.

    Welcome to the group! Post often, ask a lot of questions and feel better - we're here! :pumpkin:

  4. Star*

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    Welcome to the group! Glad to have you! You may want to post in General and or Parents Emeritus or Early Childhood depending on your age group, but where ever you land on this board? You're in for some good advice, hugs and even a laugh or two now and then. Just look at nvts avatar - I mean really - Super Squirrel? - shouldn't he be in a phone booth or something?
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    Maybe the phone booth was filled up with butter cricket soup? You know that nutty girl of ours. ;)

    Welcome to the board!
  6. Hound dog

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    Hello and welcome. :D

    You'll find this is an amazing place. I'm so glad you found us.