Hi it has been a very long long time


Hi all not sure how many people still around from my day but just surfing my old history so thought I would pop in. difficult child is 23 now we have had our ups downs and all arounds but we get through a day at a time.
We recently had a new addition as J had a daughter, she is a beauty will attach photo if I can.
Hang in there Moms it does get better!!!
The last few years well what can I say it would encompass a book but we are moving forward. Hope everyone is good.
Peace all rita


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Well hey there rita.

Glad to hear you are all still kicking. Arent grandkids fun? Cory has a daughter too! She will be 10 months in a few days. They live with us which is nice because I get to have fun with the baby but dont have to do too much baby care.

I cant believe J is 23! These kids are growing up.


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I remember you too. I still use something you used to post

"where there's life...there's hope"

There are quite a number of us who have become grandparents in the last few years.

Glad your difficult child is still evolving and moving forward. It's a slowwwwwwwww process.


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Rita - so good to see you. Oh my *gosh*... 23. I cannot believe it.

I think it's very good news that you're all getting through a day at a time. There was a time when that wasn't so much the case. :wink: I think every good day under their belt is just phenomenal.

Congrats on being a grandma! How's he taking to fatherhood?

Thanks so much for checking in - I've wondered how things were going with you.


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Rita - so nice to hear from you. I joined the grandmother team also 4 months ago when difficult child had a beautiful son. However, he is still pretty irresponsible and has nothing to do with the beautiful baby. We are helping to raise him though so we get to see him.

Glad things are better for you.


Thanks all for responding. J has been clean a couple of years from any hard drugs so that brought on new problems but he is overcoming little by little. 2 credits left to get grade 12 so that is better also. He works sporadically and for the most part did not live with me the last couple of years.
The baby (our third grandchild and first granddaughter *other 2 are easy child's) has brought out a more matured version. I am happy to see he is so in love with her and determined to be a good dad. He signed up for fathering classes (4 Months/once per week) and tells me he wants to learn to be the best dad he can be. So I hope he does.
My mom says "Dad and I always figured he would never grow up until he loved someone more than himself, just be thankful he never had 5 more before" LOL
J says "She will not grow up to be me" I hope he is right.
And Sunny those words, well they are still my motto. R is gone 10 years now this September, way back when I first found this place, it will always pain.
Thanks again everyone


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Rita, hi!

It's so good to see you after all this time.

I'm happy to read about J's progress -- it's an inspiration for many here. I'm so pleased to "read" your mood. I well remember the awful times you went through, and am happy for you that you are now in a better place.

And congratulations on being a grandmother. Time is marching on, since many of us here are now grandparents.

Wishing you all the best. And stay in touch.

Love, Esther


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Nice to "read" you again, Rita. Sounds like things have really
improved for you. I'm delighted. DDD