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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    kt has been suspended once more for hitting one of her peers at school. Our mental health case manager & psychiatrist are now getting involved - kt is disabled & school must comply with ADA & help educate kt; not suspend her.

    Academically, kt is doing well ~ emotionally she is falling apart. Two of her teachers feel that she is having dissociative states & goes off the deep end. She only strikes boys not girls. In those states they are seeing a much younger kt ~ more like first grade or below.

    We were doing so well, we weren't going to see psychiatrist until December ~ I now got kt in to see him next Wednesday. In the meantime, in home therapist is upping the number of days she will see kt & psychiatrist has us using her PRN medications on a more regular basis.

    Ick - I hate this time of year. I hate boys & how kt's hx is affected by boys. (okay I really don't hate boys - this just annoys me more than fleas on my dog or curdled half & half)

    Many of you know, we are entering the worst time of the year for the tweedles; they are both harranguing us to see one another (haven't had a kt/wm visit since last Christmas).

    I thought I had prepped for this years Oct-Jan icky crisis time. I think everyone is prepped but me. I'm just not ready for it this year & in fact, had hoped this year would be calmer.

    Thanks for the ear ~ the shoulder to lean on. I'm pretty tired.
  2. tiredmommy

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    {{{Hugs}}} I can't imagine for how one could prepare themselves for this. Hopefully the psychiatrist and cm will help the school to keep every one safe and kt will still get her education. Ugh!!!
  3. house of cards

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    I understand just getting tired, I never would set myself up to run a marathon in reality yet here we are running a different kind. I guess you are at an uphill part. Uphill s**ks. Hope you get a nice long downhill run soon.
  4. Kjs

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    Same time of year for us. Only it is the girls that are so mean to difficult child. They can say some really hurtful things. LOL. December is the worst month.

    I agree with you as for school teaching not suspending. They need to find away for her to learn without interference from others. I have the same issue, however difficult child reacts and then I am told HE is the distraction/interference TO others.

    I hate school.
  5. susiestar

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    I am so sorry. I know the pressure on kt must be overwhelming for her to go into dissociative states. The school MUST be forced to educate her - no matter WHAT.

    I can only imagine how tired you are. This time of year must seem unending and impossible to navigate. I know the tweedles want to see each other, but is it a wise idea with kt going into these states? She has made so very much progress, I guess I just hate to see her faced with this visit she clearly is set back by each year. She must be pretty tired of everything too.

    Hugs to all of you. I hope husband is taking care of himself, and that you are making some time for yourself too, Linda.

  6. Wiped Out

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    I know you have seen such progress lately that I'm sure this is especially difficult right now. It's good more people are getting involved so that they understand that they need to educate.

    I hope that this difficult time of the year does go smoother than in years past. I think it is so hard when we know those difficult times of the year are coming and when things have been going better it makes it all the more difficult. (((hugs)))
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    so sorry to read this update this morning. This has always been a tough time for your tweedles and you have always done a great job of planning for it and putting extra supports in place.

    The incidents with the boys - are they instigating by something on their part or is kt "reacting" to something during a dstate?

    Positive thoughts being sent that kt can get a handle.

  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Hugs to both you and KT!
  9. JJJ

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    I'm sorry that Kt is doing so poorly again. I hate dissociative states. I hope psychiatrist is able to help.
  10. Wishing

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    Mine got suspended a number of times but made it through. I agree that our kids need constant education regarding their choices so it sinks in. High School is really tough with all the transitions. It is especially hard on your mommy heart.Hugs
  11. TerryJ2

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    So sorry for both of you. I can imagine how tired you are.
    Is Kt okay on weekends? Does she have dissociative states at home, too?
  12. timer lady

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    kt isn't dissociating at home....she's belligerent (lots of typical teen). However, now that I think about it there was an incident earlier this week ~ I found her sucking her thumb & needing to be rocked. It took a long time to "find my kt" once again.

    It seems that it's only boys (I don't know nor do the teachers) if the boys are saying anything to set her off.

    SD has got to get off their butts & assign kt her one on one. Mental health CM is working on that one for me. In home therapist is putting together an emergency mtg at school to discuss dissociative issues & how to deal with them. How to redirect & "reach" kt.

    I seem to be rambling this early morning & I apologize.

    I would appreciate any good thoughts over the next weeks for kt (& wm) as the holidays once again approach & there will be no visit between the 2 of them. As a mother it seems very wrong; as a mother I know this is the right decision.

    I miss my son.

    Thanks for listening.
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Sending good thought to all of you. I know you miss wm. It is hard, isn't it? Hopefully you can have a good visit with him sometime soon.

    I think that the decision to not have kt and wm visit is a wise one. Kt is already under so much stress, and visits with wm always seem to trigger things, from what I remember. As their mom, it must hurt to not have them visit, BUT you know in your gut what the best thing to do it. Sending hugs because you made a very hard decision!

    I hope kt gets her 1:1 soon. I wish she had had one since the beginning of the year, but I guess she had to try with-o one. I hope she can move past this soon.


  14. flutterbee

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    I'm so sorry this school year has been so hard on kt. I can't remember, is she still in the school that only has the class for the behaviorally disordered kids? If so, any luck finding another environment?

    I wish the holidays could be more of time of joy than hurt and frustration.