Hilarious!!!! Millenial Job Interview! A great laugh.

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    I know this is funny, yet I struggle to laugh.
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    Hmmmmm. Never thought it may upset someone. It reminded me of alot of the young people at Applebee's and, of course, it's a huge exaggeration. I am sorry if it upset anyone. I meant it to bring some levity to the channel. It seems as if so many are struggling but maybe this is exactly the wrong type of video to post.

    Sorry. (I think her reaction to FB made me laugh the most). Maybe I have a warped sense of humor...
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    I've seen this. Gross exaggeration and intended as a joke...I think it's funny. In sort of a sad but almost true way. LOL
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    Honestly, this is only funny if you think millenials are stupid kids on our phones. We're not. Many of us are struggling to pay off our college and university debt,(which in this age, postsecondary education is useless to find a job) find a full time job with good pay (older generations get all the positions, and young employees are always the first to lose our jobs) and find a place to live, or live with our parents becaus everywhere else is too expensive. Then, of course, we have to balance a social life on top of all that, so sometimes when we're too busy trying to live and survive, our phones are our only option to stay connected in the mess of trying to make ends meet. As a millenial, i hate it when the past generations do things like this, because the world has become a lot more difficult to survive in over the years. Schooling has become impossibly hard, and i'm terrified to get a job or go to college because i just don't know if i'm "capable" enough in the eyes of my potential employers. I don't even know if i would have made it through high school without my parent's help, the work is something that would boggle an adult's mind, and i've heard of suicidal children and teenagers being hospitalized with panic attacks due to the work load. I've even heard a few stories about really stressed college kids who lived in such barren conditions that burglars actually went and bought them food and furniture because the person couldn't afford anything but an empty apartment. Are those kids lazy and stuck up? No. The kids these people make jokes out of are few and far between, and they are an exception to the rule. You shouldn't tackle an issue like this if you haven't heard all sides, especially if you only judge a generation from the tiny, misleading bit you see. The lazy one's here are the people who would judge us before actually trying to understand what a persons life is like these days.
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    Violet, I appreciate and respect your point of view. It was a joke...there were plenty of jokes about my generation in the day and still are (baby-boomers) and things were hard for many of us too. I do apologize but I want to explain that while each generstion isiunique, all of them have challenges. Example: I had trouble in school and never went to college and my parents didn't care enough to help. Parents seem to me to be more engaged now, which is helpful. Parents were less touchy feely then in many homes.

    I am sorry if you were hurt by this. I will be more sensitive in the future. Having said that, being a teen and launching has never been easy for all teenagers. Many 18 year olds were sent to Viet Nam against their will in my day. This ruined many lives. There was a draft. Also women had much less opportunity as far as career choices. Mostly nurses/medical and teachers. Nobody understood learning disabilities in my day. We were called "stupid and lazy" sometimes in front of all the kids in class. It happened to me. A lot. The kids bullied me and there were no rules to even attempt to stop the bullying. And there was no way out... No homeschooling. If you were bullied, it was considered YOUR problem, and I and others were bullied. Students had less rights then. They could be spanked in some schools. There was segregation so people of color could not use the same drinking fountains as white people in some states. Schools were all black or all white. How do you think people of color thrived,,? It was hard! If you were gay? Forget it...ridicule. ostracizing. Often family shunning. Jokes. Cruelty. It was out in the open to abuse gay people. Many college kids lived on Ramen Noodle Soup. Why do you think it was ever easy to afford life in college??? There were loans to pay back then too. Unless your parents were rich you paid. Yes, back then. That's one good thing about my having been too learning disabled to go to college.

    We had the exact same fears you listed. I think teens always had these fears of college (if your parents even let you go), jobs and supporting ourselves. Plus we had the war and our beloved boyfriend's and brothers died or were forever screwed up by bring in combat or got sick from Agent Orange.

    I have three millennials. They are awesome. They have better support in school and more love from family than many in my generation. They are thriving. I know most teens do well. Even with the challenges of the day.

    Most of us did well too but mental illness did not start with millennials. There is a lot more understanding and help out there now. There is still a stigma, but it's not as bad. My mental health ride started at 23 so at 64 I have seen and lived through many positive changes and more acceptance even though we haven't solved the problem yet. Back In the day though many of us suffered silently with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. I had them all. I spent ten weeks in a psychiatric hospital with no family support. It helped, but I struggled with this all my life. It's not new to millennials...we just talked about it less for fear of being called crazy. Things are easing up now and I am glad, and have become more open with the chance to mentor young people who have depression and anxiety. I know first hand that it can be very hard to have these challenges. But we can also push on and do well. I worked very hard tothave a great life! That what I try to explain. I love mentoring. And I mentor mostly millennials. They come to me, not the other way around.

    It is not easy for all kids now. It was not easy then. I do think we had to work harder....parents didn't give us as much and we had often had to go out on our own even if we were not ready. I wasn't ready so I got married to avoid homelessness. It was a rotten verbally demeaning marriage but my mother refused to let me come back home so I stayed with him seventeen years. My second marriage is great but I was 40 before I met him and my life became so much better. It had been a hard trek as a baby boomer with learning challenges and severe depression and anxiety and I had horrible panic attacks too. I still have panic attacks but at my age I know how to manage them.

    Every generation has challenges, and times are hard for some now. They were then. And many thrive now and thrived back then. Life is tough but we are tougher!

    I apologize for posting this joke...guess it was not so funny.

    Love and light.
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    Ah, i can understand there is stigma, and i was in no way criticizing or trying to say anyone had it easy. I just see a lot of posts criticizing us and it's really annoying, just wanted to share my opinion.
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    I am glad you did. And honestly I love millennials. I truly do. And I am horrified by some things we DIDNT have like cyber bullying. I deplore bullying! And now there are new ways to do it. I hope you believe I am on your side.

    You let your voice be heard and that is a wonderful trait. You will be tough and make it!

    Blessings for a great life!!
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    where Is the delete button? Lol.
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