His Highness Sir Linus!

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    Update on Linus (easy child's rat)

    He's doing great! He's doing rat things. He's growing quickly! His ear infection seems completely gone. He still has head tilt, but he has been reacting well to it. He can walk again, run again, eat on his own again, drink on his own again. He is no longer spinning or rolling. He is leaping around his cage, busily building his house/nest all the time. He climbs the cage bars, is back to his kissing through the bars love affair with the cat. They are best buds! (Although I wouldn't leave them alone as it seems sort of like black widow spider syndrome. We might come back and find ourselves short a breathing pet. Poor cat. His present has become a friend and his instincts kick him and he licks his chops but holds back and heads for his dry kibble bowl. AWWW!)

    Thank you all for the tips on taking care of him. I can't believe he survived and he's so full of energy. The upside to the adventure into the Rat Hospital o' Family of Sir Linus: He's the cuddliest little critter now. He comes straight to you when you open his cage. He climbs right into our hands and after a few excited play minutes, he is curling up giving us his belly for a rub and begins to chuff quickly. (For non vermin lovers, chuffing is sorta the same as a cats purr. They grind their teeth in this semi noisy way and its cute as all get out. It can be a sign they are happy although they will chuff when stressed too.). Linus tends to chuff only when happy which is helpful to know that he's doing well!

    So His Highness Sir Linus (and his castle keepers) thanks you for the tips to nurse him back to health! We are considering another male for a friend for him. We just didn't want to mix him with another rat before we knew he was healthy again. I think he'll like a friend :) (aside from the cat who is still deciding wether to keep him or hunt him lol).
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    Glad he's doing better! Does he like yogurt treats? Miss KT's rat, Cadence, loves them. Strawberry and papaya covered in banana yogurt are her favorites. She's about three and a half, and still going...not strong, but going. Wishing you many long and happy years with Sir Linus!
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    (Bruxing) ---that's what all mine would do. It was very welcome purring and grinding of the back teeth. :D Almost like when I go to sleep and grind mine...but nicer sounding. With puring.

    I am DELIGHTED that Sir Linus is well again. I was thinking about his Lorship yesterday as a matter of fact and wanted to email but...with Ratties you never know. :anxious:

    Hope he has a never ending supply of Frozen peas! I also hope you get him a nice little brother to beat up for the first few days and then love for the rest of his life. ;) Lots of "I'll show you who's the boss." going to happen. Major VEEEEEEEping. lol. No one will be killed during the initial initiation into King Linus' world. ~promise. Then they will be near inseperable.

    Oh this is great news to end the night on. Linus is well, Bubba the snotty dalmation is on the mend. It's raining...:D What a good night!

    Thanks for the update. Hope Marg sees this. I know she was wondering about him too.
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    :) We haven't tried yogurt treats yet but he's definitly got some favorite treats.

    Today we got him some nibble sticks, a salt and a mineral wheel to naw on. A wheel for his cage and a ball to run round the house in (comes with a stand too). He seems to like the the ball, but not the wheel. His next present will be a nice hammock and maybe a rope to climb. He does have a really cool big rat toy (it's actually a large rat lol) hanging in there with a bell in it (it rings ALL night lol). It has holes in it and you can tuck treats in it for them to dig out (think sort of a rat version of a kong for dogs). He's getting quite spoiled.

    Indeed he loves the frozen peas! As in, adores them!!!

    He is a loud little critter ! He makes the neatest noises. Far mouthier than the rat I had many many years ago. He's fitting right in ;)

    I'm glad Bubba is on the mend!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    This is my Rat warning -

    Blueberry colored fruit mix flavored "Yogurt drops" there are several kinds but -THe kind that you get at Walmart in the Foilpack - for about $2.98 are the equivalent of rat-crack. You have been warned. You can loose a finger. Make sure you stock up, don't run out and always have a steady supply..for about 30 seconds you will not KNOW your rat - they will reach through the bars, grab, run, turn a shoulder, bend over, nom-nom-nom...and woe to he who tries to pet a rat eating a Yogie....reach in? Pull back a NUB. (see? - shows hand missing one finger at the knuckle) otherwise ratties are loving creatures) ;) Do not waste your money on the kind in the yogurt looking cup - they're not good - (have eaten both personally) the foil pack ones are the best.

    You have been warned. lol.
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    HAHAHA Too funny Star! Rat Crack?? ROFLAMO

    Ironically, I purchased yesterdays presents at Walmart and was looking right at the yogurt drops! I can't wait to buy some and see how he reacts ! Love it!! I'll keep fingers well away. Thanks for the warning!

    PS. Cat + Rat + Hamster Ball = Hilarious Entertainment For Shut Ins!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The blue ones are their favorite.....any rat I've ever had - vanilla are okay in a pinch but the blue fruit ones? Not kidding - one a day or you end up with a rat like Albert (my love) who I now know should have been presented to Guiness for a worlds record. There is no 3lb rat on record. He was 3.2 lbs. lol. HUGE....I put him on a harness and leash and took him for walks....a cop stopped and asked me if it was a chihuahua and nearly passed out when I told him it was a rat.

    Albie was special. Very missed....and was very loved. He also didn't fit in the cigar box we kept - so he asked if he could have his Dad's Sears boot box. lol Yup - he's out in the cemetery in Craftsman style.

    I miss my rats. :redface:
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    easy child and I were talking lost night. I caught her feeding Linus a tiny crumb (or two crumb lol) size piece of a vanilla flavored Oreo Cakester treat that she hadn't finished in her school lunch. I told her it was a bad idea. First of all for Linus to not become overweight and second all, they are full of ingredients that won't contribute to his overall health and we want him to live as long as possible. She agreed with me and said okay no more cake for Linus, but Mom, at the same time, if he was a wild rat he'd be eating ANYTHING he wanted. If they only live a few years anyhow, shouldn't it be a spoiled life full of treats?
    HAHAHA I can see her logic, flawed as it is ;)
    We've come to agreement that "treats" is a relative term. There are treats that are good for him that he'll enjoy that won't bring down his health.
    I still have the feeling he's goign to be a plump rat. easy child likes to give him treats and even if they are healthy, overfeeding is overfeeding. I can't watch 24/7.
    I canNOT however imagine a over 3lb rat! OMG! I'd have cracked up if someone thought it was a dog! You rock Star.
    Sounds like you're a complete rat lover. I vote you ask Santa to bring you a pair for Christmas!! You know you wanna ;)