Hmmm is it time to change her status....


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from difficult child to easy child/difficult child??

Tomorrow she is 17 months clean, she has got her GED (2 or more yrs ago), she has been working full time and has been for about a year. She has a very nice normal boyfriend, and just bought herself a very nice car. I am so proud of her. Don't get me wrong she is still a difficult child and always of course will be. But she has come so far I think it's time to advance her board status what do you guys think?

She always wants me to let you guys know of her progress. I think it's important to her because she knows you guys supported me so much when I needed it so badly. She wants to be one of the success stories she has heard me talk so much about. I think it's her way of repaying you guys. You really did save my sanity and she knows it.

About her job. She is a laborer and belongs to the union. It is a male dominated job field but she is doing quite well in it. She loves it. The reason I mention this is because I know alot of your difficult children are looking for work and this might be a great field for them to think about going into. It pays very well and if their union they will always have a job. If they mess up on one job they will be sent to another unless they do something bad enough to get kicked out of the union and I guess that's kinda hard to do. So far she hasn't lost a job yet and is working about 10 mins. from home. She has had a couple of close calls but likes her job so much she tries real hard not to blow it. Like I said, I'm so very proud of her and so very thankful on so many levels.

Please let us pray she stays on the right path :laugh:



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What a wonderful update. I know the board could use some good news concerning older difficult child's.

Sounds like you can indeed advance her board status.

Please tell her that I am so proud of her. (I'm sure the rest of the board aunties feel that way too)

Congrats! Mom. I bet you'd never thought you would see the day.



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I completely agree that she is ready to transition up the scale
to the unofficial easy child/difficult child status. Heck, it sounds like she is
climbing so fast that there is a potential easy child that may eventually
dominate. Congrats! :grin:

As part of the "feminist movement" from back in the day when we
"girls" could only be teachers, secretaries and nurses, I say
WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!!!!!! Wahoo to non-traditional jobs! DDD :smile:


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For sure she graduates to easy child/difficult child status!

You must be so proud!!!

difficult child - WAY TO GO!!! :dance:


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She says to tell you all thank you for caring and she will try to stay on track.

She still has a long way to go but alot of that will come with age. I am so thankful I don't have to worry about the ringing of the phone anymore than the normal parents do. I can sleep at night again but she does still have her difficult child side.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and kind words. I hope all my posts can be of the positive kind :-D



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:bravo:Wahooooo! Congrats to difficult child (and to you)! :bravo:

Yes, we LOVE success stories.

I do understand about her still being a bit difficult child'ish. My son (knock on wood) has been drug free, but he is still definitely a difficult child. There will always be that difficult child side to him.

I'm so tickled for you and for your daughter. Please tell her another Board Auntie is very, very proud of her and the changes in her life she has made.

Hugs to you both,


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:dance: Doin' a happy sunny dance for you and easy child/difficult child Lea!

I too am so proud of her accomplishments. Congrats on the non traditional job field also. :princess:


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Oh my gosh I have to share what just happened with you guys LMAO. I was sitting here reading some of the archive stuff and was reading the post the collage student had started if any of you remember that one. Well I got up to start dinner and easy child/difficult child :grin: sat down. I didn't think anything of it till she said OMG and started laughing. I asked her what she was laughing about and she said she was sitting here reading one of the posts and thought " that girl sounds just like me. Awww she'll get through it", then she realised it was my post :rofl:

How funny is that?!?



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they're called emoticons. You click the happy face to the right of the <? button and you'll see a drop down menu. Sometimes you have to let all of them load on your computer before you start posting though.



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That is a wonderful update. I should start thinking of changing my difficult child's status to easy child maybe also. He's over 10 months clean, working full time and still with his lovely new girlfriend.


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Karen I agree. If he knows about this board and that you post to it, it may be important to him. My easy child/difficult child wants the board members to know when she is doing well. I think alot of our kids want people to think well of them.

I'm very pleased and impressed with your son. He definitely deserves to be upgraded lol.:bravo:



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<span style='font-size: 20pt'>WOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!</span>

:bravo: :smile: :thumb: :smile: :bravo:

Love the new profile, Lea! Congrats to your easy child/difficult child :flower:!



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That's wonderful news. A few months ago, I was went to see N*'s was a day she refused to go, so I went just to talk and discuss other options without her interruptions. I asked him if these kids ever "get it". He told me that some research indicated if the troubled kids ever straighten out, it is normally in their mid 20's.

My sister, N*'s bio-mom, is in her 40's and is still a difficult child. No way to tell which way N* will decide to go. I can sleep nights knowing I provided all the opportunities I could to steer her toward a better path than the one she would have found with my sister. That's what's truly hard.

You give us all hope. Tell your daughter, that from an infrequent visitor to this site, your news was the best kind of news to hear. We all want so much better for our kids than they seem to want for themselves. Congratulations to you both!