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    easy child just left for her friends house to go from there to a dance. She had enought make up on to be a street walker. This is the cave child. When I made her come back and talk to me after I caught a glance she just got defensive. "What I can't wear makeup?" I hadn't actually said anything except to come back so I could look at her.

    Oh the extremes of teenagers. Then I asked her when she would be home and she said well before midnight (as that is the town curfew). She will be walking home with her friend. As I know walking is not a positive thing at night but they walk as a group until the friends house. The last two blocks are the only ones alone. That is why I want to know the times. We don't live far from the school so I don't worry about it too much but I do worry.

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    Teens are sooooooo much fun. I know I'll look back upon those years with such fondness......


    easy child used to wear her mascara so thick I used to call her racoon girl. Each and everytime she'd give me the Mom is so backward look. :rofl: These days her makeup is so light you can barely tell she's wearing it.

    Then there were the super short skirts and the too tight tops and the 6 inch wedged shoes..... Funny thing, the skirts and too tight tops managed to get eatten by the washing machine everytime she put them into the wash. (guess it doesn't just eat socks afterall) lmao Finally she caught on that she was fighting a losing battle.

    Fortunately for me Nichole didn't decide to stop being a Tom Boy til after Aubrey was born..... and she's much more modest about how she looks. But then again, there was that whole punk stage....

    I hope she has fun at the dance and makes it home safe and sound.

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    I really do consider myself fortunate that my easy child daughter is so modest and pretty conservative. Yes, she wears all the Hollister and Abercombie, but she wouldn't think of ever wearing anything that anything would hang out of, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, I see what some of her girlfriend's go out of the house looking like and it makes my hair stand on end.