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    V had his first lesson today! It was just a trial and see how he would react. My little guy did awsome :)
    He was so happy to see the horse, he gave it big hugs and he did not freak out when I lifted him on the horse's back. He had been on a horse once and completely freaked out, same with merry-go-arounds. So that is a huge achievement and a great reward from all the work he does with his Occupational Therapist (OT).
    I am so proud of him. The lady is very nice and took it real easy. She is not specialized in special needs but did all the right things. She explained to V that the horse was voice trained. So V has to remember to talk and use the right words for the horse to respond.
    I am seriously thinking of regular lessons for V. We'd have to wait until July though, as she will be busy with summer camps for the rest of June.
    Of course V now wants a horse. I told him no, and he goes "why not?". I replied "No, V we are not..." and husband then blurts out a "why not?" as well! :sochildish:

    Sure husband grew up around horses, but I did not. And guess who would take care of the horse when husband is gone all week?
    I'm sure V will keep on asking, but that's fine. I'll just try not to get annoyed with him asking the same question over and over.
    Really a ray of sunshine, specially with thse last 2 weeks being so tough with him. Gave us all a nice break.
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    Horse therapy is a wonderful thing. I cannot say it enough times. And, I am positive Buddy will back me up on this one! If you are financially able to afford a horse, and V continues to be interested, it really may be something to consider. I do not know if you would keep the horse on your property, or board it, but if you were to board, you can find a place that will handle full board. That usually covers feeding and turnout everyday. My difficult child is doing so much better being able to go and ride whenever she wants. Which is almost every day.
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    difficult child 1 LIVES for his 4-H horse riding. He's in his 4th year and does awesome. It's where he feels the most confident and it really helps him stay calm. He competes in showing the horse in horsemanship and also in some rodeo games. We don't own a horse so he contracts with someone to use theirs. He's on his 3rd horse as the owners keep selling the one he used so we have to keep finding new people to let him use theirs. He doesn't mind because it's that important to him.

    Horse therapy is sooooo beneficial. If you can afford one, definitely go for it. He's young enough yet that just riding one will raise his confidence and as he grows older, it's a great way to teach responsibility. It really helps with the sensory stuff too....muscle groups, balance, movement, etc. I really wish we could afford one of our own to ride year round but difficult child 1's content with our current arrangement so it's not so bad.
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    We coud keep a horse on our property, but don't really have a place to ride besides the side of the road (not ideal) unless we also invest in a trailer. As far as boarding, I'm not sure how much it is. We'll have to see how it goes and how involved V wants to be (and the other kids too). Ultimately, I am not against buying a horse and we certainly have the means to do it (husband knows how to take care of horses and we could make it work financially if we decide it is a priority). I even thought of sending V to his aunt in NY who has a horse farm for 1 week or 1(over 40 horses), but he is a bit young yet.
    It is just nice to have a successful experience. Specially when I think about the challenges ahead of us next year. Maybe, horse back riding could become an oasis for him to recharge.
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    Why not? :)
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    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member close to 5 is V? I know you have Partner who is older and I know you live on a farm. I think it would be wonderful to get the boys involved in 4H as soon as you can. They would have a wonderful time and they have a sleepaway camp for a week in the summer for kids about a year older than Partner...3 days for Partner. I think he would be considered a Cloverbud this year. Cory did wonderful at his 3 day overnight camp. We worried but he had a blast. I should find that picture and show it to you. Its on my The counselors are great. We did rabbits, chickens and goats and my kids showed at the county fair and always did well. They brought home money every year. One year when we did the goats they came home with almost $500. They had a wonderful time from about the time they were 5 until they were around 12 I think.
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    Oh yeah ...for us there are young volunteers too who have helped with the social piece sooooo much. Q can be himself with the horses and they don't get their feelings hurt!