hot flashes, night sweats and heart burn

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    Okay, I decided it was time to come to the experts. I've been menopausal for about 2 years now (haven't had a period in over 2 years). I've had occasional hot flashes during the day for the last year or so, but not anything that was really bothersome. BUT lately (the last couple of weeks) I've been woken up at least three times a night burning up, sweating and miserable with heart burn. I don't know if the heart burn has anything to do with it, but it came on the same time on the night sweats. I'm fine until I wake up the first time each night and then I have heart burn the rest of the night and well into the morning. Anyone have any suggestions for eliminating these miserable night?
  2. OMG I could have written this post except that I have been in perpetual hot flash during the day as well for the past 2 days.
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    Black Cohosh.......LOVE IT.....LOVE IT......did I say love it? I had the inferno, spontaneous combustible body heat, could have lived in a freezer, and left the kids pool up in November so I could "sneak" out into the yard at night and just lay in the thing undetected - sure I would make steam upon entering.

    Started taking Black Cohosh, and eliminated a LOT of sugar from my diet and can usually get it BOGO at most drug stores. I stopped taking it about 3 months ago, and haven't taken any since,and the symptoms have not returned. I even (This is incredible) slept with an electric blanket, a comforter and 2 dogs all Winter.

    Try it before you go all hormonal and Estrogen replacement on yourself.
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    I'm just cranky. Oh, yeah, and hot. Why bother to dry my hair? There will be a HOT FLASH coming along soon.

    And Miss KT ate the last giant Reese's.
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    Have you been eating more sugar? I notice increases in both frequency and severity of hot flashies when I have eaten sugar. The more sugar, the worse the flashies are.

    I agree with the black cohosh, but I would add B complex.

    Valerian root can be helpful if you are having trouble sleeping.

    During the worst of it, I practically lived on Pamprin. Diuretic, mood elevator, acetaminophen. I no longer need to use it, but boy, there was a time....

    During menopause, I developed allergic reactions to wheat, dairy, corn, chocolate, and coffee and tea. If you are feeling bloated, are retaining fluid, or are short of breath, try eliminating the foods you eat the most of. (Seriously!) For me, that was pasta, cheese, cookies, chocolate, and coffee. My diet now contains none of the above items ~ and when I do cheat, I become miserable pretty quickly.

    If you can begin looking at diet, if you begin jotting daily symptoms, including how you are sleeping, whether the flashies are worse or better, what your fluid retention levels are, whether you feel short of breath or not...I think you can get a handle on things. What I found is that these changes were cyclic. How and whether I could sleep (or not stay awake!) was cyclic. I have not had an actual period in two years, but I continue to experience greater or lesser problems on a cyclic basis ~ though nothing like what it was.

    I did have PMS. I think those of us with PMS or PMDD have a tougher menopause.

    Wishing well.

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    I'm through menopause--I think...last period was in August of last year. During perio I developed both PMS AND horrid heartburn. Turns out the PMS thing is not uncommon, and I've got acid reflux disease
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    If you're having sudden heartburn, I think you should see your internist to rule out anything serious before assuming it is merely related to menopause. Acid reflux can destroy your esophagus without proper treatment. What some women think is "heartburn" is really related to heart disease. So it's wise to check it out.
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    I had horrible periods and prayed for menopause...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!! The neighbors would have probably called the cops had they seen me the other night. Standing with the front door wide open, tank top and panties, cussing a blue streak at 3 am. Lol. Most used word these days...blow torch! easy child's bout to kick me outta the house. :)

    Can't tell the difference between mood swings and stress from Sweet Betsy's recent behavior...just trying to stay on an even keel. Have an appointment. with GP and gyno later in the month. Grocery shopping today did NOT include powdered donuts, but alot more heathy choices. Will start walking tomorrow...hopefully this will all help...if not, Lord help us all.

    Also investing in an industrial fan...this just stinks!

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    I've gone out on my stoop in my night clothes to have a cigarette and cool down...when it was single digits outside. I wasn't cussing until I started freezing my tail off.

    I still think hot flashes beat periods, but I have endo so badly that scarring blocked my small intestine a few years back. Nearly killed me. Can't say much about the hot flashes and duration. Mine have really quieted down now that I'm no longer having periods, but my mother, who is seventy five, still has the occasional one...oh joy.