How do you deal with the cravings?


<span style='font-family: Fixedsys'>I find summer time to be an easier time of year to make better food choices, for some reason. Perhaps because it is hot and I don't want to eat as much.

I still struggle with snacking issues. I would like to hear how others approach this problem.

How you fight the sweet or salty cravings - do you substitute with something that is on the ok list, when you decide you just have to have a snack or do you "just say no?"</span>


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I keep pickles, nuts & ripe ripe ripe fruit in the house.

Strawberries & bananas for my sweet tooth and pickles or nuts for something salty.

Blue Bunny also has some great light ice cream that comes in individual servings. Of course, according to them half of the individual serving is a serving size, but its still much better than the alternative.

I also find summer an easier time not to eat as much. I think because my kids are home from school and we're busy.

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I too find summer much easier-I think because at my school there are treats in the lounge almost every day-kind of like out of sight out of mind.

For sweet cravings lately I've been eating Fiber One Bars. Only one a day though. I also like the weight watcher desserts especially the toffee ones and the new turtle ones. I also have lots of fresh fruits in the summer.

I'm a salt fanatic. Once a week I have hot buttered popcorn and it's real butter too-popcorn popped on the stove. I try to not snack a lot on salty stuff because I like it so much-i just make myself wait until popcorn night! Pretzels with salsa is good too.


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I found Dannon lite & fit yogurt that has 40 calories per serving and Jello brand pudding sugar free that has 60 calories per serving. Great to stave off hunger pangs...... Of course there are always baby carrots and celery if I'm being real good. I always wanted to try the toothbrushing technique too, when you are hungry go brush your teeth. I was afraid I would never get out of the bathroom and I would scrub away all the enamel on my teeth!!!!!