how many CD members are members of NAMI


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I am Israeli, but from reading different boards , it is highly recommended to become a member and take advantage of their resources . Great that you have brought NAMI to our attention



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Wow Nomad, I am so sorry you had a bad experience with your NAMI group. I love our NAMI here in Ca. I took a great class called Family to Family. It was a 12 week class chucked full of great info., behavior statatgies and better ways to communicate with my difficult child with Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP). The info. on medications was the best. I understand so much more about mental illness after taking the class. Our teachers where parents with children who have a mental illness, so they have experienced what we as students were dealing with at home.

Maybe there is another support group that you could try or maybe start yourself with the Nami leaders help. Just a thought.


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I am also a member of our local chapter, they have been my savior many times over the years. They are a wonderful resource, and like here, you can't say anything that surprises anyone and you are always understood. I too, took the 12 week family to family class it was great.


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I think I'm going to look into it and see if they have a local chapter by me. I've been on the prowl for a local support group for bipolar children and have come up empty. Thanks for the reminder about them.


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Our local NAMI group is small and at this time, most of the members have adult kids with mental health issues. But I keep trying to get the word out - even her therapist and psychiatrist were not aware that there was a local support group!


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Husband joined years back when our difficult child 1 was really destroying ours and her own life. He learned many coping tools. I think they are a good organization and we have supported them monetarily in the past. My issues stem from a recruiting call that they made to my home. I declined to do volenteering that would seriously cut into my time. I still had kids at home difficult child 2 was acting out and in trouble with the law. I was working and fighting off a serious illness and husband was working long hours and in therapy himself. The recruiter got very nasty with me. While I realize this was just one person who likely had his own problems, I didn't deserve the guilt trip he tried to lay on me and have not been inclined to use NAMI since. -RM