How pushy should I be???


Mom? What's a difficult child?
So yesterday K got out of day psychiatric hospital for the day and they give a daily report with not much on it just letters and numbers, So her one block says ( Time out- refusing to play, no free time)
Wouldn't you take that as a bad thing???
So I ask her what happened? She said she asked to take a break/time-out because she was not feeling that great and was depressed.
(She is on her second day of new medications and second day off of the Lamictal)

So I am thinking, this should be a good thing, here you have a BiPolar (BP) child who communicated her needs and asked to redirect herself before a problem occured. But they presented it as if she was punished. I would not have known this, if I hadn't asked, or if I didn't trust K.
SO at my meeting this a.m. with the family therapist I brought this up and let him know how this could cause some confusion, and with her on new medications, shouldn't or couldn't they write it so the parent understands what happened a little better? I also said what if I was the typr of parent who was like, " WHY did you get a TIME OUT!" and got mad at my child??? which we all know happens...

At first he tried to dismiss the whole thing but then when I brought up the medication thing, I also said are they aware of her medication change and what to watch for??? If she is feeling down, she should be praised for asking for a break... if she were in school it would be written into her BIP....
At that point he agreed, he was trying to say it was like a school environment, blah blah blah.
Was I being too pushy??? I just feel like they are used to the parents droping off the kids and no questions asked. I think the program will be good but I just have some concerns... I saw my nightly report and I got a glimpse of the others, barely written on, mine was covered front and back!!!
But we had a lot happen!!!


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I think it is wonderful that you have so much love you want to be involved. keep informed and when you are unsure, ask questions and speak your concerns. they should be glad of that.


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You weren't being pushy at all! You were advocating for your child! I think it's important to go to the end of the world to advocate for your kid while keeping the tone pleasant and non-confrontational. Well done!

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No. You weren't being pushy. You were standing up for your rights as a parent. And for difficult child, too.

You let them know that there are parents who look for feedback and care, as well as react, to what they give to you in the reports. (which is supposed to be the whole point) Hopefully, this will cause them to pay more attention to what and how they write down something for each child.

Good for you! :warrior: