husband and difficult child

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    husband and difficult child have a very good and special relationship (much better than mine and difficult child)

    husband goes out of his way to spend time with difficult child and rushes home from work 2x per week to coach difficult child's baseball team.

    He helps with his homework and just is all around wonderful with him.

    I told husband last night where difficult child is concerned he is the better parent.

    I can admit that, I am grateful that he makes up for where I fall short.

    I love difficult child more than life itself but sad to say I don't not like him on most days.

    easy child and I have a great relationship and she is just a peach of a kid.

    Anyhow, husband is usually very leveled headed and calm but last night difficult child was off the hook and husband went cookoo on him and over punished him and I know husband will not stick to it.

    I told him I understand how difficult child can make you go cookoo but geeze Dude, don't go all Marine Corps on him.

    We shall see what tonight brings when we are all under one roof and difficult child is behaving and professing all his apologies ...
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    Shelly- I understand. husband and Duckie are two peas in a pod... I'm the odd one out. And husband does the exact same thing when he does get angry: he over-punishes and I'm supposed to follow through. Maybe you two should talk about reasonable punishments to meet an infraction. Also, maybe waiting to punish until everyone calms down might help. {{{Hugs}}} You're a great mom!
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    thats' great that they have that type of relationship and that you have that with easy child. i'm sure though things will smooth over and maybe it wasn't so bad for husband to do that with difficult child...... i dont' know wasnt' there yet re establishes the boundaries sort of thing maybe......??

    hope tonight goes well. :)