husband is medicated.

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    husband was recently diagnosed as BiPolar (BP) and ADHD. He tried Depakote, which was not effective. Then he was put on Geodon and tapering up on Lamictal. Geodon is great for him. He no longer talks in circles, and he can sleep. This is amazing. He is also way less irritable. This is so great, it is amazing.

    We may also have some answers for his hip/pelvic pain. He has "cysts" in his left hip joint, and also a tear in the joint. We will go see a hip surgeon soon and schedule surgery to repair the tear and possibly remove the cysts, hopefully at least biopsy them.

    I am so glad to get his mood under control, I was at the end of my rope in dealing with him. He has gotten more done in the last 3 days than in the last month. He is so much more motivated. He says it is weird at night because it is "black". There are no racing thoughts, and sometimes no thoughts. He said he used to feel like someone was watching him or following him and that is gone too. Some of the things he thought were amazing, and I am so glad he does not have to go thru that anymore.

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    While I am not glad he is BiPolar (BP) I am glad you have some answers!!!
    I felt such a sense of relief when I was finally told I was officially BiPolar (BP)!!! While it is scary and I don't know if I have the right medication combo yet... It just answers so much... I knew something was up my whole life... just not what exactly.

    I am happy he has answers and is feeling better. Glad he answers for his pain also.
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    How great that you both got answers! I know when difficult child was diagnosis'd, we didn't have a clue before hand. AFter he started his medications though, I could see a difference in his behaviors pretty quick. And good for him that he's taking the medications and not trying to deny it all. Sounds like he feels 1000% better!