husband Just Finished up psychiatrist apt.!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I guess I should clarify psychiatrist apt with K!!! LOL
    This psychiatrist I think is really going to work! First off she told husband that she has a Bipolar kid, not sure how old? But must be a little older by now.
    She was a little upset because the apt was not schedule long enough and she apologized, but I had made a list and she personally booked next apt for longer.
    She took K in by herself and discussed how she was feeling, she is really good with her. Then husband went in, she said starting Seroquel is fine, that the Depakote is most likely not touching her yet, agreed with us, is pushing up a bit. Showed K her medication chart and asked her again what kind of pill she would like and how many she would like to take, 4 of this Depakote or 2 of this type! I really like that about her.
    She said next time we can all meet and talk more about all of my concerns.
    She told husband a story about how the best help they received as a family was 2 musicians, male, who were her babysitters I think. (this was relayed by husband, you know how they get the facts!)
    She said they knew nothing about BiPolar (BP) but they were the best with her kids...

    So husband said she is SO good with K and is just firm and to the point and just makes him feel good. despite having to move to somewhere really hot! In less than 5 weeks, and not being at all ready. I feel really good about K's care...
    psychiatrist was also concerned about what time we came in for the apt in August, due to the heat and humidity.
    So husband is upping the Depakote tonight and we start Seroquel Monday.
    K did go on with psychiatrist about her delusions! So psychiatrist got to see and hear it and fully believes, YEAH...
    Oh and me and N are having a good girls time, special time. We are going to go see, Kung Foo Panda! This weekend. and a picnic today...
  2. I am so glad the appointment went good! Yayyyyyy! Good luck with the Seroquel. Keep in mind though that it more than likely will make her sleepy at first until she gets used to it. Good luck with the move!

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    Toto, this psychiatrist sounds like a keeper. She really seems to get it. I'm so glad you finally found someone who is working well with your family.

    Good luck with the new medications. And enjoy your one-on-one time with N.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    My heart is SINGING for you!!

    Give Dude-toro a high 5 (tell him the Sox are ahead of the Cubs right now) and make sure you just eat N all up this weekend.
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    Oh how wonderful!!! It is such a comfort to have a psychiatrist that everyone likes. I think it is neat about giving K a choice in what type/how many medications to take. It gives her some ownership in them.

    Let me know how Kung Foo Panda goes. Would an 11 yr old boy enjoy it?

    Did you steal my dream? :sleeping: I promise I will not pinch you awake. :)
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    So glad to hear that the psychiatrist is a good one! I especially like that the psychiatrist wants to schedule longer appts. Our psychiatrist does the same thing. I hope you see some positive results soon!