husband puts $1,000 bid on a shredder? WHAT?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Mar 2, 2009.

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    At the silent auction yesterday, husband told me he was bidding on the paper shredder (small - not the smallest, but not $1,000 worth). As I was walking around, I noticed our number and $1,000 on the sheet.

    I ran to find husband (he was working in the school office) and asked him what was going on. He was very puzzled and came to look. We crossed that bid off (He had put $25.00 on the line above) and I went to find difficult child to see if he knew anything about this.

    difficult child said that J did it. ("Then why did you NOT cross it off!!!???)

    So, I went to find J (one of my 2nd graders) and asked him about it. "J, did you write somethings down on the papers at the silent auction?" "Yep, I put down 180 and $1,000.00." His eyes got big when I explained, "180 is my number. Do you know that if they close the auction with that on the sheet that husband and I would have to pay $1,000? We don't have that amount." "Oh, I didn't know!" "Please don't do that again." And off he ran.

    I think he may have done some more before our talk because I overheard people saying to those in charge, "There is a bid over here that looks fishy'. I told the teachers (who were in charge of the silent auction) what had happened and they went around to check all the sheets.

    I am glad it didn't happen to someone who would not have seen the humor in this. I was rofl when I figured this out. But then again, it is easier to laugh when you know the little culprit is a sweetheart that really did not understand the extent of what he was doing.
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    This was a school auction? I think you would have been let off the hook in the end. Especially if you offered a reasonable amt, like $25, to make peace.

    OMG. These kids.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Wow -- that was sure lucky! Maybe they need to have a little bit closer supervision of the kids running around during this event? Especially at the auction tables!
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    I know they would not have held us to that amount. However, it does pretty much put a halt to the real bidding and they would have lost money since the bidding would have been stopped at our last bid.

    Although I thought it was funny, I didn't want J to know that it was o.k. I figured if he really thought that we had to pay the $1,000 it would be easier for him to understand what was happening. It really was an innocent mistake on his end.

    difficult child went home with husband carrying the items we did "win". I gave him the money to pay for the items. One was a very large basket full of Hot Wheel cars. He came back in the school about 1/2 hour later asking for more money. He had forgotten to pay for his cars - the bid sheet was still tapped to the bag.

    difficult child got the one item he really wanted (basket of cars). I got an adult 3 month membership to the YMCA (less than one mile away through the cul-de-sac), a basket with caramels, book, and snowman, a bowling for 4 and pizza. husband got $50 off a pair of glasses.

    I will give the membership to difficult child so he can go this summer. He has a friend whose Dad works at the YMCA so I think the boys can meet there a few times each week this summer. Diva asked how he would get to the YMCA. difficult child replied, "I have my ways". I explained, "It has something to do with a white jeep and an 18 yr old DIVA." Actually, I would let difficult child ride bike if he called when he left home and called when he got there.

    difficult child's caramel rolls went for $10 (9 X 13 pan). I found out who bought them - one of my Sunday School kids. I'll ask him next week if they were good.