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    :D So husband seems to have realized he needs to make changes. He has not touched meth since he has been home, has not even tried. I made him call psychiatrist and ask for a drug screen last week as we have been having a hard time finding a treatment program that will fit with what he needs. He has been up before 11am every day since he has been home, has not done much housework but his pain has been horrible, so I can let that one slide.

    He has no problem with having his medications locked up, has not begged for them or to have access to them. I have been giving him 2 norco a day, and it is taking the edge off but he does need something more for pain, there is no doubt. He sees his pain doctor next week.

    He has agreed to to try acupuncture, and is going to see the acupuncturist this afternoon. Our insurance covers it, so it is worth a try. If it gives him any relief it will be worth it. It is in a town about 45minutes to the west of us, but the guy comes recommended so I feel more comfortable going with someone who has done good by someone we know. I so hope it helps.

    husband is the man I used to know, he is kind and funny. I have not enjoyed being around him this much for years. It is amazing. He even made dinner the other night, a real dinner not a frozen pizza. He roasted a chicken and made the stuffing (that he had to have the bakery make up as he hates stove top) and I finished it up with gravy (he hates gravy), mashed potatoes and veggies. I was amazed. It was really good to.

    He has been so kind and good with the kids, he is a parent again. difficult child always asks me for a hug at night, and last night he asked husband for a hug too. difficult child has not asked his dad for a hug in forever, I almost had tears in my eyes. Both kids like daddy now, and tell him frequently that they like the new him. I think that has to be good for him, to realize and know that we see the difference and that it is appreciated and good.

    He and I are doing better in our relationship than I ever remember. I think the lithium is working on his mood, and him not doing all kinds of other drugs is allowing it to work. He still has times when he is depressed or irritable, but with his pain who wouldn't be? It is different than the depression and irritability he had before, it is not as intense and all consuming.

    I feel like I have my family back. I hope it stays this way. I am dealing with a lot of anxiety right now, waiting for the next bad thing to happen, though so far it has not. My back is still giving me problems from the car accident, I have been going to physical therapy and that helps. I have been giving husband some of my norco for pain, as he used all his medications in his binge, and he even asked if I had enough for me to use, that I needed them for my back too. Before, I did not matter. He was all consumed in himself and his own misery.

    I just wanted to let you all know how things are going, and hope they continue to go this way. I know that with his BiPolar (BP) things will not be easy, but I can deal with episodes better than a guy who is a jerk 24 7. Thank you all for being so supportive, I really appreciate it.
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    I'm glad things are going well for you and husband. I hope that things continue going well for you and your family.
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    This post really made me smile and I needed that today! Thanks for sharing:)