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Thanks to Timer Lady, the seed was planted in my brain that I need a knight :warrior: . So when husband called at lunchtime today, I told him he needs to defend me to thank you. That hang up last night really frosted me, don't know why, it's not the first and probably won't be the last, but there needs to be at least some effort to get him to understand that no one (besides his parents) is going to put up with this junk.

So husband just told thank you in no uncertain terms that *no* one can treat his wife like that. :bravo: :bravo: I just really felt that someone besides me needs to tell thank you that I don't deserve it.

I'm feeling warm and protected. thank you is ticked but... oh well. And husband is feeling like a hero. :thumb:

timer lady

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:bravo: Sue - I'm so proud of your husband!! :bravo:

Enjoy the buffer; it always lifts my spirits when my husband steps between me & wm's verbal garbage. :smile:


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Way To Go husband!

I think it shocked the socks off Cory when I told him that I was not going to allow him to keep abusing us anymore after the stroke. When I finally stood up and said his father was more important to me than HE was...well it just floored him. Oh well..he is grown.

Now to get husband on the same


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Super ! My husband never did this for me until recently and I always felt like the difficult child's (family and nonfamily)in my life took it as silent approval for how they treated me. I asked him for back up many times but he never steped up. (Too much emotional battering at his mother's hands I would guess he was shell shocked.) After difficult child attacked me and husband went to counciling with me (for the umpteenth attempt) he finally got it. I am not sure if it will carry over to other aspects of my life but at least he does it with difficult child and easy child/difficult child now. -RM


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Way To Go! Congratulations!
My husband would back me up only if it was something blatant, that he actually heard in person. Things have changed and he's much more assertive with-difficult child and things are going much better.
It makes a huge difference.
Keep up the good work... both of you!


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my ex never stood up for me and in fact encouraged ant to disrespect me. luckily ant would never dis me in front of boyfriend because he knows boyfriend would nail him.

Until my husband finally realized that he was making the situation worse when he wasn't supporting me, difficult child 1 was a TOTAL MONSTER!!! He put new meaning into the word, disrespect!!! Once husband started standing behind me, we noticed that not only did difficult child 1's behavior toward me improve slightly, but also, his ODD wasn't quite as bad.

I'm so HAPPY you're knight came to the rescue!!! WFEN


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husband has told difficult child not to ever speak to me like that when he is in meltdown mode. It does work, somehow.


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It is really nice when husband steps up to the plate. He does not let difficult child show me disrespect, either. I don't know that I could handle all of this if husband wasn't here.