I know it's pretty common for our difficult child's to be "sick" a lot. But, difficult child is sick ALL the time. Now, since December she has had 4 ear infections and a sinus infection, plus allergies, so that stuff is "real". But with the number of visits to the doctor with her we should get frequent flyer miles. Honestly. She has various and sundry aches and pains daily, plus headaches, stomach aches, etc, etc. Her pediatrician doctor rx'd nausea medications, but of course difficult child says they don't work.

I do realize that her anxiety and depression is playing a large part in this. However, she is not happy with any response I give her. I will tell her that I'm sorry she's feeling bad. That's not enough. I'll give her ice packs for her knees. They don't work. Or give her tylenol for her head. It doesn't do anything. She's not happy until I take her to the doctor. I'm going to talk to the doctor about this tomorrow, but I wondered if you guys experienced this and how you handle it with your difficult child's. I need some new ideas.

by the way, her pediatrician doctor did explain to her that she feels that difficult child has a serotonin deficiency and the effects that has on the body, i.e., the aches and pains, headaches and effect on the gut. difficult child is now taking her SSRI.


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My difficult child 1 has always had headaches and stomach aches. They seem worse when she is a bit down. Today she asked me to feel her head 3 times... her tummy hurt also, could be new medications??? Also her anxiety I think gives her tummy aches. She fixates on every cut, bump and bruise. Now difficult child 2 is doing the same thing, she says " Oh Mommy I'm not feeling well today" and she is fine... freaks out over a tiny little cut, no blood. Maybe they feel more, depending on their state of mind. Who knows maybe they learn to like the drama?

Good luck, hope the doctor can help


My difficult child has daily aches and pains. Sometimes gets himself so worked up his whole body shakes. I often wonder if he has so many aches and pains at age 12...what's going to happen when he is 40 lol. I have come to the conclusion that once he has a pain, his anxiety kicks in and he just thinks of the worst possible thing it could be. Counselor said that because he is so bright, he actually knows what the worst could be, and that is all he can think of. A headache, turns into "meningitis" and he freaks out. I have told him that I will stay awake and watch him, and if he starts getting warm I will wake him. That settles him down a little, but thinks if he falls asleep he will never wake up because it is not just a headache, but meningitis.
Then there are the ankle pains, knee pains, hip, chest, neck, stomach, back.


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Glad you brought this up. My difficult child, while not a hypochondriac, definately has a high number of complaints :crazy2: and they do increase when he's more anxious or his mood is low.

She fixates on every cut, bump and bruise.

Totoro, this is a biggie with my difficult child as well. "Mom, could you look at this?" "What is this, is it a pimple?"


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ktbug is always in pain, has an ear infection (not), a cold (not), upset tummy, brain tumor, etc, etc, etc.

The bug will accept a tylenol for a pain or neosporin on a scratch; this seems to help a great deal.

My response to various scraps, bruises, headaches is the same as yours - sorry to hear that. Or these things happen. You will live. No need for amputation. I tend to make light of kt's physical complaints.

She now knows that a pediatrician doctor visit is for fevers, physicals & other serious ailments. Our pediatrician doctor is very patient & explains things to kt with-o terrifying her or adding to her anxieties.


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I find this thread interesting. My M is like two different kids. On one hand, he has such a high tollerance for pain and is RARELY sick. As an infant/toddler, he had frequent ear infections, probably because his stupid daycare fed him his bottles laying down on the floor (grrrrr). But, now if he gets sick, he's SICK and it's only like once a year. ON THE OTHERHAND, he'll also get a little bitty invisble cut on his finger and freak out and need a bandaid or we won't hear the end of it. Two totally different kids...all wrapped into one. LOL


My difficult child 2 had daily headaches and stomachaches until we stabilized her mood. Your difficult child's somatic complaints may not disappear until the Lexapro has a chance to fully take effect or the dose may need to be altered. How long has she been taking Lexapro? What is her dose?
I'll tell you what I noticed, and it may or may not mean anything, except in my own family...

Basset Hound (who lived with my mom for a lot of her childhood, and that is another story) cried "sick" a LOT, but not until she was living with mom. Well, my mom is chronically ill. Basset saw my mom sick all the time and to her that was normal.

Pixie, on the other hand, tries to say she is NOT sick even when she is. Always afraid she is gonna miss out on something, this kid. She had some ear infections in infancy when she was in daycare, otherwise no more sickness than any other kid. Now lately, I'd say this past year since I have been very sick, she tries to mimic me.

I've even heard her say that she has "cramps in her uterus". Gee, wonder where she heard that.

The real funny thing is, since Basset Hound moved out, she is never sick.

Well, this doesn't prove much of anything. Except that my kids are full of it.