I am at a loss.....poor husband

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    This process with husband applying for the Navy Nurse Corp is really putting our patience to the test. husband graduated at the top of his class, belongs to the National Honor Society for Nurses, he works in both the ICU and OR. You would think the Navy would snatch him up! But it has been 3 long months of waiting for an answer from them. Then today we get an email saying that he now has to wait until May to go to Officer School. ugh! They have done everything from lose his paperwork, to lie to us and tell us everything was fine and he was leaving in March..only for us to just now find out that it is going to be 3 more months. He is so upset. Plus, the school date in May is only 3 days shy of his b. day and after that he will be too old to join the Navy. So we are taking a real risk of waiting until May and hoping nothing else happens. I don't know what to tell him. He wants to rip the recruiter a new one, but I keep reminding him not to burn his bridges so quickly. Nursing jobs are a dime a dozen, but he wants the military because he would only need 12 years to retire (he has prior service)and of coarse all the really good benefits, housing allowance, etc.
    ugh! just needed to vent

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    Is there anyone that can pull a few strings to move the process ahead quickly? I can certainly understand your frustration.
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    sorry, no words of help, but since he's been in before, he knows that "hurry up and wait" mentality of the military.
    NF wound up sitting at Great Lakes for a month after graduating from Basic and going to A school. He was one of the top 6 in the Basic class, won the award from the USO, and came out a Basic an E3, but the Navy didn't have a problem with him cleaning the "ship" (barracks) for a month until they could send him to school. He was bored to tears.
    When he finally got to his ship, it was in dry dock. For almost a year. Again, instead of doing what he signed up to do, he spent his time painting, putting down non-skid, and doing his TDA (temporary duty assignment).
    He is FINALLY working on aircraft engines - a year and a half into his enlistment.
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    Sending support and sympathy. My easy child son signed up as a Jr.
    in college for OCS to begin right after his graduation. He
    had a fully complete "contract" with the Navy promising him
    free grad school, limimted offshore time since he had a baby
    who was permanently disabled etc. etc.

    They delayed his basic for well over a year. They gave him
    ten days notice to report so he couldn't even give 2 weeks
    notice to his employer AND THEN...."lost" his contract and
    tried to force him to sign the blank basic one. He did not
    agree (due to his family needs) and then he was ordered to stay in a separate dorm with-o contact for over a week and often "forgotten" at meal times.

    It was a "you-know-whattin'" disaster. Two weeks later he
    was given a bus ticket and sent back to Florida from R.I.
    No job. No savings. Lost identity. AND he has to always
    put down that he was "in the service" for two weeks...and
    then try to explain why he was discharged so quickly.

    Our famiy has had military members since the American Revolution. After the Navy messed with my kid.....I lost alot of respect for the system.

    I hope things work for your husband. Hugs. DDD